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The inspiring tale of Aadarsh Upadhyay, an emerging name in the realm of acting

Everyone has the right to dream, but in some places, when someone fulfills their dreams, they are considered to be the deity of that place and this is often the case in cities where people spend their entire lives just doing that work. Aadarsh Upadhyay of Indore has broken this chain that he has inherited. Today Aadarsh Upadhyay himself is the role model for every child in his city and village.

So, Aadarsh where were you born? “I grew up in Ujjain in a pure brahmin vegetarian family and, the man whom God had made my father, was very strict. We are two siblings and I am the elder one, so the responsibility of the whole house was on me, my family felt that way, But I was never allowed to feel”.

Since when you figured out interest in acting? “I was the tallest in my class, that’s why sometimes my friends used to tease me by calling me Lambu, or Khamba, but I did not feel bad at all.
My focus was already set on what I wanted to do in my life, but my father was a temple priest, so becoming an actor was a big-time challenge for me. In our clan, everyone used to say worse work than that which stray and illiterate people do. The TV in the house also used to turn off as soon as dad came.

How is your family feeling now? “My own track is being launched with Yash Wadali, so more than me, my father is waiting that when he will be able to see me on TV”.

How are you feeling, because in a while your dream is also going to come true? “For me everything is like a dream. In college days, I started preparing for acting along with engineering and taking advantage of my good height and health, used to shoot free photo print ads for local vendors so that my profile would be created without any penny. This same technique helped me to build my portfolio as well”.

How did it all start ? “I became very famous locally by hardwork, which made me “MR. CENTRAL INDIA, INDORE” in 2017 but my destination was to act in Mumbai, to become a hero on the big screen. Dad used to get annoyed by all this, but I used to do all these things stealthily.
After coming to my dream city in 2018, I auditions in many casting agencies and used to get small jobs, which used to cover my monthly expenses. And one day I got a big event in which I was signed for “show stopper in fashion week”. That day I was convinced that Mumbai had adopted me and now I will do something big in my life.

The biggest brand I signed was Raymond followed by Brazil and Bilva”.

How did you get started in Mumbai? “Had left home saying that I am going to work in a TV company and I have 2 years internship in which I will get less money which my father also used to send some money so that there was no problem in surviving, many times I myself paid for the shoot so that I could thoroughly work in the market but people had cheated a lot”.

What message do you want to give to your audience and the people of your city? “Today, many times people ask me for tips for modeling and fitness, then I just tell you that just believe in yourself and remember all those things that have happened around you since childhood because if you have ever got the best training, Our childhood has given it to us and the same rule is always followed”.


By TIS Staffer
the authorBy TIS Staffer

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