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The Kerala Story: Adah Sharma starrer movie on ‘Love Jihad’ and ‘Forced Conversion’ nearing 200 crore

The Kerala Story

Sudipto Sen’s directorial The Kerala Story starring Adah Sharma is in no mood to stop its successful run at the Box Office India and is inching towards minting Rs 200 crore. Trade Experts suggest that it might also touch Rs 250 crore just like The Kashmir Files did.


The Kerala Story directed by Sudipto Sen is having a successful run at both the Domestic Box Office as well as the International Market. The movie based on lives of 3 girls from Kerala who were lured and brainwashed into converting to Islam, is garnering huge public support from audiences across Pan-India level. Adah Sharma starrer The Kerala Story on its third Sunday collected Rs 11.50 crore taking the total collection to Rs 198.97 and in all likelihood is slated to reach the 200 crore club by Monday. 


Produced by Vipul Amrutlal Shah, the movie was released on 5th May 2023 with a lot of controversy gripping it. Later, as the movie was released, Mamata Banerjee, the Chief Minister of West Bengal, announced a ban on the movie citing Law and Order risk. The move was challenged by the filmmakers in the Supreme Court of India and eventually the Apex Court lifted the official ban on the movie in West Bengal along with lifting  a de-facto ban in the Southern State of Tamil Nadu. However, despite the ban being lifted by the Apex Court, numerous people on Social Media platforms like Twitter and Facebook have complained of not being able to Book Tickets online in both the states. 


The movie has been a subject of massive controversy due to the trailer showing figures of 32,000 women from Kerala being forced to convert to Islam and eventually recruited to ISIS. The figure was later omitted from the trailer.


The movie has been widely appreciated and loved by people across all ages. However, when it comes to the Box Office collection, the movie which is performing well could have done far more better had it been allowed to be screened in West Bengal and Tamil Nadu. As per the Trade Experts, the ban has resulted in a loss of at least Rs 10 crore-Rs 15 crore (Rs 100 million-Rs 150 million) and that's the margin by which it might stay under the lifetime total of The Kashmir Files eventually. Also, the release of Fast X featuring Vin Diesel has also impacted the collection of the movie. The Kerala Story minted Rs 80 crore (Rs 800 million) in its first week, the second week saw over Rs 90 crore (Rs 900 million) coming in. The third week will get about Rs 45 crore- Rs 48 crore (Rs 450 million-Rs 480 million).


The movie was also recently released in the UK after being passed by BBFC. Along with the UK, the film also witnessed a massive release across 36 other nations. The Kerala Story has been declared an All Time Blockbuster at the Box Office.


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