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Arman Khan

Focusing on your work and building your career while you can party like all others might take a lot of discipline and commitment now but will pay you later. Arman Khan understood this thing and gave his 100% potential and attention to his dreams and became the director of photography at a very young age. 

Arman Khan was raised in an Afghan family of Quetta, Pakistan and was born on 1st January 1991. From the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa city of Pakistan, he completed his primary education and his O level studies from Karachi as in 2003 his family moved over there. When he was 16years old, his family moved to the United Kingdom to settle down. His remaining education and higher studies were completed in the UK. 

He opted for media studies and holds two degrees in it. One degree in Film Studies with a specialism in Cinematography and another in Game development and Animation, specialising in VFX design. In 2018, he received a Film Studies degree from Radiance Film Academy. 

Arman, through his wise decisions, managed to establish his foot in the film industry long before. He got involved in the major Bollywood productions while studying at a very early stage. Since he was omnipresent and dedicated he was promoted from casting assistant to casting director in no time. He kept getting new projects and seeing his talent and hard work very soon he became everyone’s favourite cinematographer. 

In Mimi,Quicke (Bollywood films); Password (Nepali film); Unseen wales, The new arrivals( Documentary shorts); Righteous, Stuck, Cold Veins (Short films) Arman Khan has worked as cinematographer.

Azhar, Rustom, Houseful 3, Phir Se, Welcome to New York, Namaste England, Password, Street Dancer 3D, 83, Welcome to Karachi are the Bollywood films in which he worked as a digital image technician.

There are a few South Indian films also like Nannaku Prematho, Aake, Mohini in which Arman Khan worked. 

In 2018, he got the offer to work as a cinematographer in “Quicke”,  a Bollywood feature film that starred Darsheel Safary and Anisha Victor. 

In “The new arrivals”, Arman was the sole creator. From directing to being a cinematographer to sound designing to holding the responsibility of a VFX designer everything was managed by Arman Khan. At the Annual Radiance Film Festival, this documentary was presented which was liked by many filmmakers who later offered Arman various new projects. 

Picturental Ltd is a rental company of Arman Khan which rents out several types of equipment used in making a film mainly to the British and Bollywood industry. 

Achieving success in such a short duration that too in filmmaking is something that deserves a huge round of applause. Especially if you are a fresher and trying your luck here it’s going to be a much more challenging task to accomplish than you ever thought. Many youngsters often give up because the strength of their track record decides whether they will be hired or not which makes it very difficult for the newcomers to get even a single project here. 

The hard nut that Arman cracked is the result of his unparalleled potential to research, a proficient mind in creativity and management and communication skills. In addition to this, he is very reliable, polite but incisive and specific in his work. In addition to being an award-winning cinematographer, he is also a director, producer and writer. Arman Khan is a great inspiring leader to many who want to pursue a career as a filmmaker. He advises to be diligent, surpass the expectations of the director with your inventiveness and actively promote yourself by working with different production houses whenever you get a chance. 

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