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Timeless recipes from El The Cook satisfies all your hunger pangs

Timeless recipes from El The Cook satisfies all your hunger pangsTimeless recipes from El The Cook satisfies all your hunger pangs

Are you contemplating developing healthy eating habits but don’t know how to take the first step? If yes, then El The Cook, a healthy and appetizing food brand is here to satisfy all your hunger pangs with nutritious meals. With the vision to drive the new-age population back to home-cooked meals, Pharmacist and Entrepreneur Elton Fernandes along with his wife Aparna Goel Fernandes is leveraging cutting-edge technology and experimenting with the best ingredients that will delight the customers who are searching for a sustainable, healthy, yet delicious food-centric lifestyle. 

The brand came into existence with the idea to make home-cooked meals taste like restaurant dishes without affecting the health curve of the masses. Starting the initial days as a food blogger, Elton Fernandes was asked to review restaurants and thus consumejunk food quite often, which took a toll on his health. After suffering from severe stomach issues initially, he was diagnosed with Gastro-Esophageal Reflux Disease(GERD).This persuaded him to start his own food venture – to offer tasty home-cooked meals without compromise on health. 

Taking forward the notion of healthy eating, the founder saw many ups and down in his journey but never settled for less. After going through extensive research and preparation, he began to cook his own meals at home using his grandmother’s recipes which brought him a step closer towards his dream and take his brand to the next level in the food industry. The food enthusiast founded his vegetarian healthy food firm ‘El The Cook’ to make healthy cuisine available to every Indian home, drawing inspiration from his grandmother’s recipes.

Talking about his food entrepreneurship journey, the founder says, “You could find it easier and faster to grab fast food on your way home from work because of your hectic schedule. However, this convenience comes at a price. Therefore, keeping this in mind we are round-the-clock working and preparing meals that taste like home and have significant health benefits that have been proven by researchers. Food is believed to be more than just a way to feed your stomach; it is also a way to comfort your heart. Thus, I am confident that our home-cooked meals will satisfy the craving of those who are eager to try ‘Bahar-ka-Khana’ while on a time crunch.”

El The Cook has already gained a strong presence in India’s competitive food products sector as a Gourmet Masala brand. Their high-quality, all-natural goods have earned them awards such as the Times Of India Entrepreneur of the Year Award 2020 and the Economic Times Industry Leaders 2021. They’ve effectively developed a community of 15000 consumers that are interested in learning how to live healthy and cook delicious meals at home and now they are trying to develop their business in global tastes ranging from Pan-Asian to African Gourmet Spice Blends. 

By TIS Staffer
the authorBy TIS Staffer

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