Vaibhav Nagare is the talented Dj & incredible producer to set new standards in the music industry

Vaibhav Nagare

Among the many professions that have been growing for years now, it is normal for people to wonder what could be the reasons behind their exponential rise and growth. There could be numerous reasons, but no one can challenge the enormous love, passion, and determination certain professionals and individuals have shown to take over their industries and take them to the next step of success. The music profession has seen huge growth over the years, and significant importance must go to the young battalion for getting in the uniqueness and newness for flourishing into the industry to such massive levels. We stumbled upon one such youngster in the industry who believed he could shine as a DJ and Music Producer, and so he did; he is Vaibhav Nagare. Vaibhav Nagare has shown his A-game in music by producing tunes across genres, exuding his passion and commitment.

Vaibhav Nagare was born on 10th June 1994 in Pune, Maharashtra, since his early days he has been passionate about music. He defines success as being able to enlighten someone’s character and provide him with a positive nature through his music. Having been involved in music for over ten years now and performed in several cities, Vaibhav Nagare has every time impressed his fans and holds a huge fanbase today. His upcoming songs which are slated to release shortly like ‘You Changed Me Babe’ with Lola Rhodes, ‘Afterparty’ on Seal Network are predicted to top the charts shortly.

Vaibhav Nagare says, “Making music for me is like an exercise of happiness, meditation, creative space, and a process of understanding. I usually convert my rough idea into maybe a voice note or one project. Later I extemporize, thinking if it’s really what I want to proceed with. If that’s the case then I convert that idea into the entire song.”Vaibhav Nagare also adds that the music bug hit him hard, for which he is forever thankful because he finally found his spot in the world. He also credits that growing up in an Indian family in general, had an impact on my music today. I have always been amazed by the diversity of Indian sounds. Inspired by them I have integrated Indian instruments fused with electronic sounds in my compositions.

Afterparty a groove house style song will be released on the Seal Network. ‘You changed me babe’ written & sung by Lola Rhodes is an emotional slap house song that is set to be released soon, and is sure to create an impression on listeners. Fans are excited for his latest compositions which will hit the music space soon.

Check his musical journey on @officialnagarevaibhav

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