VDOC closes seed round led by Vinod K. Dasari, Former-CEO of Royal Enfield

Vinod K. Dasari, Former-CEO of Royal EnfieldVinod K. Dasari, Former-CEO of Royal Enfield

VDOC closed its seed round led by Vinod K. Dasari, the former CEO of Royal Enfield, prior to which he was the CEO & MD of Ashok Leyland. After several years as a business leader, he now pursues his passion of building affordable and accessible healthcare facilities, and recently set up a not-for-profit healthcare venture in Chennai.

Vinod is a serial investor and has invested in, and mentored several successful start-ups which have benefited from the wealth of experience he brings in building and managing successful global businesses. VDOC is pleased to welcome Vinod as their advisor as they set out to improve primary healthcare in India.

They are also delighted to welcome Rajen Mahapatra, a renowned lawyer practicing in the Supreme Court of India, who has joined Vinod as an investor in this funding round. Mr Mahapatra dedicates time away from his busy schedule for philanthropy work including healthcare initiatives. Their investors share their vision to improve primary healthcare and join them in reforming telemedicine in India.

About VDOC

VDOC is the pioneer of evidence-based telemedicine devices and solutions in India, enabling healthcare practitioners to offer evidence-based care. With the help of Nurse assisted telemedicine, VDOC Clinics bridge the gap between the Doctor and Patient. The Nurse helps the Doctor understand the patient’s concerns better, with the use of world-class telemedicine equipment such as a digital stethoscope, otoscopes, exam cameras and more, enabling a comprehensive remote consultation experience. VDOC is backed by its partnership with Global Leaders in Telemedicine equipment manufacturers, together with smart software solutions that address the shortcomings in the Indian market. VDOC is redefining telemedicine and access to primary care.


Founded by Sanjeev Malhotra and Siddharth Sharma, VDOC is committed to improving primary healthcare in India which is inclusive, affordable and effective. Their objective is to ensure access to Doctors, Diagnostics, Medicine and First-Aid to people at the time & place they need it. Their founders bring significant domain experience to VDOC having established successful healthcare ventures.

Ashok Pathak, Amit Malhotra, Dr. Monika Wadhawan, and Dr. Mohit Singla are also part of the founding team and play key roles by bringing their unique strengths to the table.

VDOC Advisory Board

The Advisory board will be led by Vinod K. Dasari, along with Neal Schoenbach and Dr. Wadhawan.

Neal brings two decades of international experience in sales and business development in healthcare technology, and other diverse sectors. Prior to leading the Sales Function at Zipnosis, USA, he led growth at GlobalMed Telemedicine, USA for over 12 years. He is currently based in Arizona, USA.
Dr. Monika is a renowned healthcare professional with over 18 years of acclaimed clinical experience and practice with leading healthcare organizations that include Fortis Healthcare in India.

All hands together, VDOC is well equipped to build and deploy innovative solutions to improve Primary Healthcare in India and create a billion-dollar business together.

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