We Are What We Eat, Says Nutritionist -SURUCHI JAIN

We Are What We Eat, Says NutritionistWe Are What We Eat, Says Nutritionist -SURUCHI JAIN

Suruchi Jain, an integrative Health Coach & Fitness Enthusiast aims to make India a disease free country by making HEALTH a part of their lives.

Q1. Why are you Interested In this Role?

Answer: My passion to see people adopt a good relationship with food gives me the interest to work in this field. I like helping people to overcome eating disorders to find lasting recovery. I desire to see people being able to cope with illnesses such as heart diseases, obesity, diabetes, etc. by observing what they consume in their diet every day. This role excited me because I saw an opportunity for me to help people.

Q2. What major challenges did you face during your last role? How did you manage them?

Answer: Well one of the toughest moments was helping a client who had a compromised immune system. Through conducting research, I created a diet plan that included decreasing undercooked and raw foods and increased omega-3 fats. However, the patient had given up on himself and did not want to change his lifestyle. Using my strong interpersonal and communication skills, I convinced him not to give up but instead embrace and follow the plan i had created for him, he accepted to follow the plan and after one month, his immune had improved.

Q3. Describe your daily routine as a Nutritionist?

Answer: First thing I do is to check my emails and messages and respond to them. I then begin my daily routine, which include creating meal plans for clients with dietary needs, medical assessment, working directly with clients and the families to evaluate dietary requirements.

Q4. How do you stay motivated in your work?

Answer: My passion to see people live a better life keep me motivated. I feel so satisfied whenever I design diet plans for people and I succeed in convincing clients to stick to it. Every time I see people are being healed through eating the right food and doing exercises, it adds more zeal to me.

Q5. Share with us your greatest achievement?

Answer: One of the greatest achievements was when I successfully helped a woman who was not able to conceive. In addition, she was underweight and needed to improve her immune system. She was very weak at the beginning but after following the diet plan, she became full of life and healthy.

Q6. Tell me situations when dietary supplements can pose a health risk?

Answer: Some medications do not interact well with some minerals and vitamins. I always research the medications a patient is taking to ensure that I prescribe the right supplements. For Instance, if a client is taking SSRI antidepressants, in the diet plan I will omit foods that have known negative interactions.
Q7. What are the populations of people with whom you are most interested in working?

Answer: I enjoy working with older people. I find that they have a variety of nutritional needs and this can make the job challenging. However, older people are more interested in their health. They are always willing to follow the plan I design for them.

Q8. How does it feels to you when you see such positive results?

Answer: Its very satisfying, 90% of my clients are females and most of them were suffering from PCOD/Polycystic Ovary Disease, thyroid that causes them to gain weight. They are pre diabetic or taking medicine for diabetes or in some cases, after pregnancy, they do not have time to go the gym and if I can bring those positive results and permanent change then it feels great. 

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