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What is Press Release?

What is Press ReleaseWhat is Press Release

Press release, which is also known as a media statement or news bulletin, is a  kind of communication tool which is used to deliver information to various media outlets about a particular content. Press Release is written by PR professionals and generally written for raising awareness about a particular topic to the particular type of audience. Press Release are also used to increase brand’s awareness or to increase the online visibility of a brand or a company.

How to write a Press Release?

When we write Press releases it should be short, simply consisting of 350-500 words.  The language should always be clear, precise and errorless. it  should be readable, and not overly official or unnecessarily sugarcoated. All the important details (5 W’s) of the news should be provided in the first paragraphs. According to the hierarchy of the content, it must follow the reverse pyramid like headline, subhead, introduction, quotes, body paragraphs, and contact details. 

What is a Press Release Dissemination?

Press dissemination is the process by which a particular news content is hinged and accepted by the public. Press release disseminated by finding journalists who might be interested in the press release, which you have written, prepare a great pitch, make the subject line alluring, send the journalist pitch of your press release and at last follow up your release. Beliefs, that important announcements, agendas are included into the press releases, which are disseminated to the various media outlets.

What is Public Relations

Public relations is all about sending the correct information to the particular individual at the right time, to raise a solid brand. It is one of the most important aspects that can fully transform profitability. In the past few years, the market competition has massively expanded, so to grab the attention in a market space, brands need to be present on every channel and websites. Public relation services boost visibility, awareness and maintain a positive brand image.

Top 5 Public Relation Agencies

Here we are providing you with the list of best PR agencies for your Business:

1) Savin Communication

Acknowledging the quality driven approach, Savin Communication takes pride to be the most dominant player in the field of Public Relations. They deliver a wide range of branding concepts, strategies and Public Relation campaigns worldwide, they fulfil the business goals of all of their clients with the best Solutions. They can get  the best media platforms, best content, and best graphics for social media aesthetics. 

2) Perfect Relations

Perfect Relations is known as the best PR agencies of India, which concerns the images, management and their brand communication. They prepare, develop, and deliver campaigns to raise brand awareness. Their headquarters in Bangalore has offices in 17 cities of India.

3) Ketchum Sampark

It is a global PR agency, which understands the Indian social, business, media, and political factors. They deliver PR campaigns that mirror the feelings and trends of the Indian market.They are specialising as a communication consultancy. Their headquarter is located in New York city and they have more than 24 years of experience in the field of PR. 

4) Media Mantra

This was established in 2012, and known as one of the rapidly developing PR agencies in India. Their headquarters are in Mumbai. They offer personalised PR and strategic communication for agencies across various fields.

5) The PRactice

The PRactice is one of the best public relations agencies in India, which focuses on the technologies, consumers, and social innovation spaces. It is headquartered in Bangalore, and their expertise is in building a presence for brands with perfection.

A best PR agency will always assist in building powerful connections with the public to grow the organisation. so, If you want to increase the image of your business and want to develop a strong relationship with the media, then recruiting a PR agency will definitely help.

By TIS Staffer
the authorBy TIS Staffer

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