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World Should Recognise The Power of Indian Rappers : Yatendra Meghwal

World Should Recognise The Power of Indian Rappers : Yatendra Meghwal

Yatendra Meghwal the, young Entrepreneur is an inspirational personality gaining success at a very tender age. Yatendra Meghwal is the founder of the “Artist Mine Music” which is famous for Rap music and also provides a platform to rising artists. 

He believes Rapper don’t get chance in India as many say that music does not belong to India. But he believes something else he thinks Indian youth today loves rappers as we can see too many of them are getting huge success and appreciation for their work. He also believes rapping is going to stay in India for long as India needs a new trend in music like western countries to have from many years.

Yatendra Meghwal started promoting young Rappers around India by providing the opportunity and a platform from his own company Artist Mine Music. They have already launched a few good albums and many more to come in a shorter period of time.

Yatendra belongs to middle-class family his father is an engineer, mother a housewife, he left his studies in 11th standard and started to work on his dreams. He struggled for 5 long years to find the right path for his life and in 2017 he got the opportunity to do a live concert and this was a turning point for his journey of success in Music started.

He said that his dream is to take Artist Mine Company at bigger level where the whole world can recognize the power of Indian Rappers and make this company one of the biggest Music Company in near future which will promote not only musicians, singer but it will promote young Rappers by giving them belief and support

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