Yes!poho emerges as a sought-after experience for weavers & artisans


With technology booming rapidly, every sector is expanding its wings and making the optimum use of technology to make its revolutionary impact in the professional industry. Yes!poho is one such platform that is taking a step ahead and merging the handloom and handicraft sector with technology to improve the socio-economic status of the weavers and further allow buyers easy access to a broad spectrum of ethnic wear. Taking a creative approach, the brand is reviving the handloom industry and bringing customers and manufacturers closer together in a social community. Sharing his take on the emerging trends and giving particular importance to the traditional weaving methods, the founder has put forward his thoughts and opinions. 

 1. Kindly share the brief about Yes!poho. Since the launch, how has the brand been working on technology to improve the lives of the artisans?

 Yes!poho is derived from the Spanish word espojo, which means Mirror, launched in 2018. Yes!poho was an idea of how to improve life, and today, after four years, we have 10,000 artisans, more than 1,60,000 products that are handloom and handmade. Yes!poho is making an impact on the lives of artisans /weavers and increasing their livelihood. We have been working on technology and improving it every day to make it easy to use for the weaver/artisans community. The platform is user-friendly, and one of our members stays with our partners to make them understand the process. We are a team who are trying our best to solve the problem of the dying community. 

2. The handloom industry is undergoing significant change. A significant transformation is on the horizon. What future changes do you anticipate?

 The handloom industry has multiplied, and with the growing community, the essence of handmade products was at the edge to die. The changes are no doubt undergoing as time changes. So many new gadgets have come into practice that makes weavers/artisans’ work easier while keeping them safe. The major transformation is undoubtedly technology. Technology has opened doors to places that no one has thought of before. The future of handcrafted products is bright as now people appreciate the skill and know the effort that goes in while making the products. 

3. Who are your competitors, and what makes you different from them?

 Competitors are everywhere, and honestly, there is no fun without competition. Yes, many competitors might be doing the same things, but Yes!poho is not just another e-commerce platform. A social techno experience platform connects like-minded people where you can also sell and purchase the products. Yes!poho my community, is helping you share your thoughts, ideas, and creativity with the world, whereas our marketplace has all the handmade with love products. 

4. What gets you excited about your company? Any achievements you would like to highlight about your company?

 We work every day with the thought of spreading the power of handlooms and handmade products to the world. As technology grows, we adapt this technology to make the platform easier for the users, i.e., our guests, weavers, and partners. 

We are growing every day, and we have achieved the trust of more than five lakhs users and 10,000 partners. 

5. Have you raised funding? If yes, then we would like to know the details. If not, then please tell us if you are looking to expand.

 No, currently we are a bootstrapped company and planning to raise funds.

6. What expansion plans do you have for the next 1-2 years?

 We intend to hire over 150,000 artisans and expand our customer base to more than 5 million people. We also plan to expand globally.

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