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Zia Rahman – A Young Fashion Entrepreneur Reimagining Luxury Streetwear in India

Young Fashion Entrepreneur Zia Rahman is Reimagining Luxury Streetwear in India and launching his own Luxury Streetwear brand ‘Feddie City’ soon

Luxury Street wear is the new cool! Hate it, love it, but you cannot ignore it. The forever-changing world of fashion is hit by this trend and Indian designers are taking the fashion world by storm. GenZs are following the trend and it is emerging to be one of the fastest growing fashion segments in that audience. The streetwear subculture has been around for a few decades, but social media and the rise of athleisure have recently brought it to the forefront of fashion, not just in India, but globally too. High-end luxury streetwear is the latest status symbol & is gaining momentum among Millennials too. While the luxury streetwear world is taken by storm by Luxury brands like Balenciaga, Gucci and Louis Vuitton, India is not behind anymore. We have a young and dynamic face, Zia Rahman, a Young Fashion Entrepreneur who is reimagining Luxury Streetwear in India.

Zia Rahman, 23, a youthful dynamic GenZ, will be launching his own Luxury Streetwear brand ‘Feddie City’ soon. Zia shares, “In my opinion, Feddie city’s real potential is global reach for a universe that resonates with Clothing, Infrastructure and Estate.” The brand will be launching first of its kind Luxury Streetwear Fashion in India by mid 2021. “Feddie City is craziness tailor made for the Gen Z in you. Our first global collection would launch around September 2021”, Zia said.

Zia, who is currently pursuing his International business management degree at Kingston University wishes to change the narrative of Street Fashion in India. The young Fashion Entrepreneur has nurtured his love for Luxury Streetwear in India since a very young age. Zia says, “I am very passionate about reaching the global market with an enterprise like Feddie City, by reimagining luxury streetwear in India, and making it resonate the mood, vibe, and culture of the GenZ. We are the future, and we’re here to stay.”

Zia got his inspiration for launching his much-awaited fashion line during the lockdown of 2020. “The lockdown gave me a lot of time to go back to what I had in my mind for a long time, and turn my dream into reality”. Speaking about his inspiration he mentioned that, “My favourite brands are Palm Angels, Amiri, and Balenciaga. The streetwear in London, the Graffities on the streets of London, Fashion shows and mass media that expands fashion’s reach and potential inspires me to reimagine it, my own way.”

Zia doesn’t want to focus on the final look & feel of his fashion lines only. He also plans to innovate how fashion brands operate in India. As per Zia, “Modern Indian fashion industry at the moment involves a lot of fast fashion and unsustainable clothing”. As per Zia, vision of Indian modern fashion shall involve ethical and durable clothing where people receive value with ethics for every purchase and that is why he aspires to spark a couture renaissance with Feddie City.

Apart from Streetwear Fashion, Zia’s other interests include cricket, music, browsing fashion blogs, kickboxing, karate and diverse fitness activities. Zia loves the concept of Pangaia’s recycling and appreciates Pangaia’s pioneer breakthrough vegan technologies as well as materials made from recycled plastic and garment waste. The Young Fashion Entrepreneur intends to be part of one of such Eco-Friendly initiatives in future.

To know more about Zia Rahman, visit his Profile here https://www.instagram.com/rahmanzia18

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