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Surging heartaches among the younger generation;A matter of concern

Surging heartaches among the younger generation;A matter of concern

Rising heartaches among young citizens have been a talk of the town. Reports have shown that India will soon have the highest number of heart-related diseases affecting the younger section of society.  According to the Indian Heart Association, “50% of all heartaches occur in the age of 50 years and the 25% of all heartaches take place under the age of 40 years. 

Dr. Ambuj Roy, Professor of cardiology of all India Institute of Medical Sciences(AIIMS)  in New Delhi informed India Today in an interview, the causes of the alarming rise of young people’s deaths due to heart attack and cardiac attack. Dr. Ambuj linked the primary cause of the disease to tobacco consumption, family history of premature heart disease, and diabetes. 

What are the causes of sudden death despite living a healthy lifestyle? 

It has been told that to live long exercising is not the only thing. Stress is driving more and more people into alcohol and drugs and to release stress people exercise. Statistics have shown that the urban population of the country is much more troubled by the surging cases of heart ailments. Running at a fast pace to win in their professional world has become the requisite job, Inclining people towards careless behavior regarding their health. 

Dr. Roy explained mental health is ten times more pivotal than career growth. Many people are working long hours around the clock to prove their worth on the professional horizon leading to poor health and deteriorating health conditions. The foremost crucial thing that is required to be noticed forever is your personal health. 

What needs to be followed?

In the case of heart attacks, it has been that lack of knowledge often causes the delay in handling the situation, aggravating immense damage in some cases and shocking others with their sudden and unprepared demise. Thus to protect oneself from short living and disturbing lifestyle one must get regular health checkups, keep away from smoking habits, avoid drug abuse, develop the habit of meditation and yoga, take a mental and physical break and slow down to check your lifestyle habits.

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