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Urvashi Agarwal, the Fitness Trainer Making India Healthy

As the new year 2021 kicks into gear, many of us will make new year resolutions. New Year Resolutions are known to be discontinued before people even stop saying "Happy New Year", but sticking with them would do one wonders.

A common new year's resolution is getting fit. And when it comes to getting fit, Urvashi Agarwal is the perfect solution.

Urvashi Agarwal is a 41-year-old internationally certified fitness trainer. She has been in the fitness field for 24 years and has inspired many to get fit and stay healthy.

Hyderabad's Urvashi Agarwal started her fitness brand - Holistic Fitness with Tronzy - in April 2020. April 2020 was a period of nationwide lockdown, gyms and fitness centers were closed, everything was online. However, nothing could deter Urvashi from her path. She started her brand online. She started building her brand on Instagram and gave online classes. She also worked with many corporates and gave fitness-related webinars.

Slowly, word of her work started spreading and it got tremendously positive feedback. Urvashi is expanding her roots and has been working and collaborating with more and more companies and brands.

Her passion for making people fit and healthy through different avenues is a tried and tested recipe of success. She has helped many in switching from a sedentary existence to an active lifestyle.

To build such enormous success in such trying times is a herculean feat, and to help her achieve it, Urvashi has had a strong support system. Her friends and family were the ones who encouraged Urvashi to start her brand and they've all been extremely supportive of her throughout this journey.

Urvashi is currently working as a Fitness expert on GOQii. GOQii is an online ecosystem and is the official partner for Mr. Narendra Modi’s Fit India movement started in 2019.

She has been in the health and fitness game for a long time and plans on staying here. For her future she sees herself expanding her scope of influence along with her brand Holistic Fitness with Tronzy.

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