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1000 Degrees by Yusuf: A unique apparel and sneakers brand made out of passion and pure love for fashion

1000 Degrees by Yusuf

1000 Degrees is the brainchild of Yusuf, who envisioned giving the world a new fashion high made out of comfort, quality and, most importantly, love.


Having the vision to attain specific goals is one thing, but having the guts and the courage to walk on unconventional paths, make bold choices, hustle and learn something new each day and put in rigorous efforts to transform those visions into reality is a different thing altogether. People who belong to the latter category are those who surrender to their dreams, and without thinking of the competition or saturation they may face, they dive deep into their niches anyway and give it their all, focusing on getting closer to their visions and aspirations in life. This is something that fashion entrepreneur and celebrity designer Yusuf too did in his career, which led him to build his revolutionary brand named “1000 Degrees.”


“From the very beginning, I was intrigued and attracted towards everything fashion. I was sure of becoming an entrepreneur, and even after not knowing the path, I kept acquiring more knowledge and experience in the industry to eventually build my own brand in the form of 1000 Degrees, which today has become a well-known fashion phenomenon, especially in Bollywood,” shares Yusuf.


He believes that the major reason that has helped 1000 Degrees become so famous is the team’s commitment to only provide the best fashion wear and experiences to clients. Their honesty and authenticity are another reason that he believes have helped the brand connect so deeply with the wearers. The clothes and sneaker brand has today become a top favourite for several Bollywood personalities like Salman Khan, Badshah, Sonu Sood, Neha Kakkar and many others. In fact, Salman Khan, on one of the episodes of Bigg Boss, also donned the brand’s orange jacket, which impressed all his fans, audiences and also fashion enthusiasts.


The durability, phenomenal quality and in-trend designs have all helped 1000 Degrees (https://1000degreesexpress.com/) become the go-to place for Bollywood celebrities who love sporting new and trendy looks in sneakers and clothing.


1000 Degrees (@1000degreesxpress) is definitely here to stay in the fashion game for years to come, believes the founder Yusuf (@yusuf1000dx).


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