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20-hour tax raids at Actor Sonu Sood’s office comes to an end

Actor Sonu Sood, whose office was continuously being surveyed by Income Tax Officers, finally slackened search came to an end after 20 hours. Some searches even suggest that Income tax officers even searched many locations that were linked to the actor including his property deal in Lucknow. 

There is a scanner for Sonu Sood Property deal with Lucknow Based real estate company. Opposition leaders said it is a witch-hunt against 48 years old actor, who helps poor people and gives employment opportunities for many people in lockdown and also provided oxygen to lots of people.  

Sonu Sood provided buses, trains even flights in pandemic to migrants so they can move on to their homes, He steeped during the second covid wave to provide oxygen for covid patients. The raids tax have ended after recently Sonu Sood meets with Arvind Kejriwal the chief minister of Delhi, He said  Actor is a brand ambassador for the ‘Desh ka mentors’ program for school students.  

The actor mentioned his charity work has nothing to do with Politics, many rumors are spreading related to Sonu Sood Meeting with Arvind Kejriwal, Perhaps in next year election in Punjab as an Aam Aadmi  Party (AAP) candidate. While attending a press conference with Arvind Kejriwal actor said to reporters no politics was discussed we haven’t discussed anything related to politics.  

The BJP has denied that raids ended by politics. Asif Bhamla BJP spokesperson said, there is no relation to Arvind Kejriwal meeting any personality can meet anyone. It is a search, not a raid. It is not necessary that the person who heads charity has done something wrong. It must be anything on a lower level.  Income tax is an independent department that has its protocol. It is doing its job.

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