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A sneak peek into NLYTN's upcoming music video

The music industry has evolved over the years and has become a very video-driven market. Music Videos are appreciated as they have become a new medium for innovative storytelling. One such homegrown creative project is all set to be released by NLYTN aka Siddhesh Parekh.


A true flag-bearer of the Indian Bass music scene, NLYTN has been a consistent showman with his audio-visual sets. After a successful show in Bangalore that left the city shaking with Bass heavy tunes, NLYTN has decided to release a new music video.


Sid says, "Playing in Bangalore was one of the best experiences I have had so far. I had a chance to test out my new music and after the beautiful response I got from the crowd, I think I will release my music video projects as soon as I can. I have been working on these projects for over a year and I have put my soul into this project! I am confident that it's ready for release and it's going to be something the industry hasn't seen before!"


Besides his video projects, Sid is planning to release several singles, some of which will collaborate with artists like Jay Killa and D-tab. Sid is also developing his Live experience and says that he is upgrading with every show. He plans on doing more listening sessions and hosting experiences for people.


NLYTN aka Sid has been featured as the first Indian Hip Hop creator along with Knav and Jay Killa. Sid will also be on tour later this year touring the country and playing at a bunch of music festivals. We wish him the best for his endeavours.

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