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A story defining the search of one’s existence: 'Beyond The Night ... Before The Dawn'

‘Beyond the Night ... Before the Dawn’ is a book published by Vishwakarma Publications and is being represented by The Book Bakers Literary Agency. The book talks about the story of Mumukshu who is impelled to seek answers about the real questions of life surrounding one’s existence, purpose of life and love as he wades through his own existence after the loss of his soulmate, only to realize that eternal love is above the physical realm. 

“Beyond the Night ... Before the Dawn’ was a part of my soul-searching journey and took almost 10 years to materialize, not because I was short of words but rather the lack of experience on the subject that I was trying to write about.” said Mr. Nilesh Joshi on his experience while writing his second book.

The book Beyond the Night ... Before the Dawn keeps the reader engaged and has been authored by Nilesh Joshi, who mentions that, in his quest to experience the subject he would often stay away from home for long, at times dwelling in ruins and at times in mountain caves. His previous book ‘Ladakh: Chronicles from the land of lamas’ was published in 2009 and he dedicated almost a decade exploring the various mystical traditions of the Indian subcontinent before writing the second book. Each chapter of the book is preceded by a short poem which has been beautifully attempted in the ‘twilight language’ and has a deeper esoteric context. The whole saga of Mumukshu’s character follows a similar format and may require more than a casual read to understand the deeper meaning.  

“Given that The Book Bakers Literary Agency has worked on close to 700 books across various genres, we are always on the lookout for authors who have a distinct writing style and a great story to tell. We all felt that Nilesh's writing was exactly what we were looking for and it is no surprise that the book has been topping various charts since its release and has added another star in The Book Bakers Literary Agency's list of successful writers encompassing bestselling authors, actors, cricketers, journalists, spiritual gurus as well as talented debutants." said Mr. Sanjeev Mathur, co-founder of The Book Bakers Literary Agency.

Nilesh Joshi is a writer by passion and a corporate professional by vocation. He is currently working with Amazon India in a middle management role. With an overall experience of 16 years in the corporate world he has worked with organizations like American Express and GE Card Services. He's a traveler and a seeker trying to make sense of this life. Apart from his professional life, he is passionate about art and poetry. He believes he genetically inherited his passion towards writing and story-telling from his late father. His father Mr. N N Joshi was an eminent writer in Hindi literature and had written 7 books during his lifetime.

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