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A truly unconventional 'Pandemix' production that inspired us

As the film, theatre, and music fraternity took a forced sabbatical and the culturally and artistically inclined waited for the curtains to open again, Trishita Recs stepped into the world of Indie music with her Hindi debut single, Aasmaan. To keep the ball rolling, she also released her five-track EP called 'Khoyi Rahun'.

For somebody who relies heavily on social interaction, the pandemic was a tough time. In her home's confined place, Trishita had the opportunity to indulge in what she truly loves. From playing different instruments to practicing song-writing, Trishita believes music helped soothe her soul. She considers this time with herself as a blessing because she got time to do what she usually couldn’t, which helped flourish her creativity. 

Her work is what we can call a classic example of a ‘Pandemic Production’. The compositions, writing, recording, mixing, everything happened via phone calls, text messages, and video chats. The process that usually takes around 12 months was completed in just four because of the team's dedication and enthusiasm. 

“All the tracks on the EP are different from each other. Not only are they of different genres, but they also help me express a variety of different emotions. In a way, the EP can be called an emotional rollercoaster” says Trishita.

“The topics of the tracks have been inspired by my personal experiences and observations. I have always loved the idea of using art as a method of expression. Therefore, each song explores a unique emotion lyrically and dives deep in terms of genre-based production. The overall soundscape of the album is quite eclectic in its approach” addsTrishita.

Trishita believes that art requires dedication and energy. However, she says when building oneself, receiving support from others is also very essential. She is grateful to have had an army of people who have supported her dreams no matter how difficult it may have seemed or gotten. Moreover, she also believes that art can shape minds. This is why she wants her music to be not only influential but also impactful.

Trishita started her musical journey at the age of five with her very first stage performance. There was no stopping her then as she went on to pursue Hindustani Classical Music. Growing up in Madhya Pradesh and Kolkata, both being culturally rich places, she spent a big part of her life invested in art, music, and theatre. After over a decade of local gigs, competitions, cover artistry, reality shows, she stepped forward and released her own music.

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