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A Unique E-Waste Management system to support ‘Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan’

New Delhi:-The Bengaluru based think-tank, Public Affairs Centre, has developed a mobile application for the effective waste collection and management. PAC Waste Tracker mobile app targets to monitor the primary waste collection process through citizen participation in Bengaluru. Currently, it is being piloted in the four wards of the city.

The data is dependent on local neighbourhood citizens to answer an online questionnaire designed by PAC, which is available on the Mobile Application “PAC Waste Tracker”. The representatives are trained to understand the workings of a mobile application and answer the questionnaire in the given specific format. These answers are sent to a common platform which is monitored in real time and data on specific issues plaguing the collections points can be generated as required. A summary of the answers sent is shown to the representatives before they submit the answers for a final verification. The whole process is monitored online using the PAC Waste Tracker website, where the number of questionnaires answered and the number of representatives answering the same can be viewed. The application is also developed in the local language to make it more users friendly.

While Ms. Bhargavi Nagendra, Program Officer - PAC, talking to Gaurav Raj, said, “Keeping in mind the importance of effective waste collection, the PAC Waste Tracker app throws light on the actual status quo as far as waste collection is concerned. Our data showed us that there are many challenges including lack of segregation of waste at source, public littering, and lack of equipment for the garbage collector and traffic congestion during the waste collection process which needs to be addressed.

The mobile application is not open to public now. First, it will be launched in those wards which are chosen for the pilot mode. PAC plans to launch the Waste Tracker App in Bangaluru soon and aims to take the app to other cities in India as well.  

This e-waste management system can uplift the execution of PM Modi’s flagship project, ‘Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan’.

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