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A Violent tornado rips through Matador in Texas, 3 People Dead, Several Injured

Storm in Matador (Texas)

3 people have so far lost their lives in a Violent storm that hit the town of Matador in Texas with more than several injured. As per the local authorities, several buildings were also damaged during the storm. Matador, a small town with 600 residents residing there, is situated around 290 miles northwest of Dallas. 


As per William Iwasko, a well-known meteorologist with the National Weather Service in Lubbock, Matador was under a massive tornado warning as the violent storm ripped apart through the region at around 20:00 hours on early Wednesday night. William further added, “Based on the damage, there was most likely a tornado" in Matador, however that, in all probabilities, would be determined on Thursday. Pat Smith, the Mayor of Matador, while confirming the fatalities, stated that an unknown number of people may be injured and that there was "a whole lot of damage", alongwith loadshedding across Matador. 


The Storm in Texas was said to have caused significant damage to lives and property and as per several reports emerging out, numerous residential buildings and houses were damaged during the storm. That tornado that hit the town of Matador was the part of a violent series of storms that swept across the South last week.


Around 21:30 hours after the storm passed, William Iwasko, stated that “there had been three confirmed tornadoes in the line of storms, but it appeared the one in Matador was the only that caused significant damage.”


Later, the Lubbock Fire Rescue officially confirmed to the media that they were sending a team of crew members to help people in the rescue operations along with helping them with the damage and recovery.


Shaun Fogerson, the Chief of the Lubbock Fire Rescue, stated that “I gave the order for Heavy Rescue 1 to respond to the town of Matador to assist in freeing trapped residents from collapsed structures.” “Deputy Chief Nick Wilson is responding and will direct our crews,” he added further.


Additionally, the University Medical Center situated in Lubbock also confirmed that it was sending its AMBUS mobile medical unit to Matador on  Wednesday evening.


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