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Aarush Verma emerges as a rising Social media influencer among millennials

A dreamer, self-motivated entrepreneur, Aarush is one of the most demanded influencers from Jhansi and has also collaborated with different companies and brands motivating millennials who want to pursue their career in the domain.

Aarush Verma lives in Jhansi and completed his study from Gyan Sthaly Public School, Shivaji Nagar. Now, he is an Influencer and also a Stock Market Expert. He wants to live his life with financial freedom and therefore started the business of stock trading to achieve the same. Since childhood Aarush has been inclined towards starting his own business or to gain money on his own. And this is where the journey of becoming a social media influencer started. He started posting videos and entertaining audiences with his impeccable skills. Today, Aarush has successfully carved a niche for himself and has gained a massive fan following on different social media platforms.

Realising the importance of the digital world and the evolution it has brought to mankind, Aarush believes that to achieve the desired goals in life, one has to perform something out of the box that would garner the attention of the larger masses. He always says, "School Learning can give us a job but self-learning can give us financial freedom. Basically, he wants to live a luxurious life. And that's why he is also running a digital business.

In 2018, he started his career in Stock Market Analysis and learned more about his passion. He has also been interested in reading novels related to Stocks and Psychology for the past three years. He is also providing proper guidance to people and how they can successfully start their own business on social media and generate revenue through the same.

Currently, he is focused towards creating a team to run an online Business to solve people's needs and requirements in the ever-evolving digital space. Being a changemaker, he believes in growing and constantly evolving, learning new things to keep himself up to date with the current trends.

Interested one contact via Instagram https://instagram.com/aarush.ly?utm_medium=copy_link 

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