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Aayal Gadhavi: This Cute Instagram Baby Influencer has taken Over the Social Media Platform Lately

Instagram is one happening place where we see so many emerging trends that go viral not on the platform itself but sometimes, it has also made a significant impact on our real lives too. Instagram influencers have given birth to a new industry and businesses altogether. It is because of these influencers that we are able to promote our brands on such a grand scale.

One such Influencer who has been delighting us with her cute pictures and videos and becoming famous on Instagram is AayalGadhavi. She is just a year and half old but she can be seen actively posting on Instagram.

Maybe she is the one who could teach us about being consistent with our work. Now tell me do you know another one and a half-year-old who is so consistent with her posting on the platform?

Her account is managed by her father, JikanGadhavi who is a reputed businessman. We talked to him about Aayal's influence on Instagram, to which he replied, "Ever since Aayal was born, we have been feeling so happy and lucky. Even seeing her smile feels as if an angel is smiling and she makes our life so complete and beautiful. This is why I decided to take her pictures and upload them on Instagram but within a couple of months, her Instagram account exploded with followers and likes and we decided to keep updating her profile with new pictures and videos."  

Aayal born on December in 2019 was first introduced to us through TikTok where she had millions of views on her videos and more than 100K followers but after the platform got banned in India, Instagram was the only platform people could go and spend some time on and she has been posting a lot on Instagram after that getting a lot of engagement on her profile. As of now, she has almost 11K followers on Instagram and her posts get 2000+ likes which tells us enough about her fandom.

Last year December, when it was her birthday, she got wishes from popular tv stars and singers from both Gujarat and India. Our very own Gopi bahu, Gia Manek also wished her on her first birthday and wished her with all the goodness and health.

Aayal also has a website to her name to keep us updated calledhttps://www.ayalsworld.in/ where we can read fashion and clothing blogs and see her photos.

Her father told us, "Aayal has made us proud and she has been really lucky for us. But we just want her to have fun as we click her pictures and uploaded them on Instagram."

She is really an influencer ready to take over Instagram as she grows. She even has an app and a website to her name where we get to know about her day to day childly mischiefs and shenanigans even more.

You can follow Aayal on Instagram here https://instagram.com/aayal_gadhavi0812?utm_medium=copy_link

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