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Abdul Moyeed Khan, National Cadet Crops 'NCC' Cadet

Abdul Moyeed Khan, from National Cadet Crops (NCC) had represented at Cluster level in Volleyball, as a bronze Medalist. From Years of passionate hardwood workings for Volleyball, a NCC Cadet from U.P had showered the rain of appraisal from Cluster Levels along with District Level Volleyball Championship. He is right now training at 99 battalion Azamgarh & prepration for becoming a part of armed forces. Youth of such bright motivation are less visible in the era, people hereafter the world in India are less focused to Volleyball and parents doesn't allow their child to step into volleyball team, rather they prefer Athletic in event of 1500M. Mr Abdul Moyeed Khan had made a difference by showing to the entire India thay chasing any sports can lead to success doesn't matter if it's watched in millions or thousands the hardwork is same for the both scenarios, se sportsmanship and spirit is needed along with fame.
Until unless people like Abdul Moyeed Khan won't come up to spotlight trophies and medals in different sports fields India won't get a touch of more medals in Olympics. 


I, Abdul Moyeed Khan - the cadet of the National Cadet Corps, do solemnly pledge that I shall always uphold the unity of India. I resolve to be disciplined and responsible citizens of our nation. I shall undertake positive community service in the spirit of selflessness and concern for our fellow beings.


My motivation to join the NCC was the awesome sight of shooting camps and the inspiring uniform of NCC Cadets, even I saw the military trucks, army men with uniform. They caught my attention and I decided to be one of them. From that point I focused on only one dream, that was to become an officer in Indian Army. I enquired about the roles played by a NCC Cadet in the society. I got motivated by what I learned and finally decided to join NCC to dedicate my contribution to my country. NCC was the turning point of my life. It changed me from a common person to a special person. During the training process, NCC gave me an opportunity that I didn’t have in my school and college, it made me a more disciplined, focused and motivated person, it carved out some best qualities in me and gave me a lot of opportunities to enhance them. Everyone who is dreaming of a uniform - NCC is a place where they get a direction to achieve their goals.


Member of NCC B Cerification Holder.
Represented at Cluster level in Volleyball.
Won 3rd Position Bronze Medalist.



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