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Abhishek Agrawal setting benchmark for fitness & urges youngsters to achieve healthy lifestyle

Born and brought up in India, Abhishek is a model who thrives in the race of Fashion & Fitness Modeling and has created a landmark in these fields with his zeal to put cent percent in every work, and his scrupulous actions make it all look perfect. 

Forthwith, residing in London, He’s someone your eyes wouldn’t miss! When it comes to looks, he’s all ravishing and striking on his front and his appalling body fitness is something many looks up to as their role model. 

He’s also a Super Cars fanatic and finds thrill in driving. 

With his extra-ordinary photogenic physique and pictures, he has done commendable work in the field of modeling. More than that, he clicks his photographs that tell us about the excellent capable photographer that he is. And, not just stills, Abhishek has a knack for filming as well. 

He dreams of working on a ‘fitness plan’ that helps people achieve their body goals and shift to a healthier lifestyle at a reasonable price. 

Apart from Fashion & Fitness, Abhishek is also a Watch Model which is very much prevailing from his marvelous pictures. 

Being an advocate of a healthy lifestyle, Abhishek puts his heart in cooking his meals that are healthy and adds to his lifestyle. And, his areas of interest just don’t end here. He’s a gymnast who is super flexible and plays football at National Level in India.  Heart of a wild child, he’s someone very venturesome and ready to experience daredevil sports at absolutely any time of the year. 

Moreover, not just talent & skills, Abhishek likes to perform social service at NGO’s in his free time, back in his hometown. He’s someone who inspires people on a day to day basis, be it fitness, photography, a healthy lifestyle, or just keeping up with morals. 

He’s a perfectionist who’s a believer of the philosophy that this world is his empty canvas.

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