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Ace entrepreneur Sahil Suri to venture into the digital space

No one can thwart the power that the inception of digital media bestowed on us. Seeing the advancement brought by this new space, can you imagine the future without the term 'digital'? You certainly cannot! Showing his firm belief in the aforementioned words, business tycoon Sahil Suri is all set to launch a new venture in the online space. Isn't that exhilarating?


The entrepreneur has already proved his mettle by laying the foundation stones of flourishing businesses, and now he is all set to cause ripples in the digital space. After getting some thorough research done, we found that Sahil Suri is working with a few digital experts to start a business that will specialise in taking online services to new heights. These services can be anything, ranging from web development to online sales increments.


Sharing his standpoint on this work-in-progress venture, Sahil Suri says, "I'm very excited about this project and I can foresee the changes that will be carried out by this company. It is estimated that this company will reach out to more than 5 million people within three years of its inception."


That would be really inspiring, right? But don't you want to know what inspired Sahil Suri to see digital space as his potential market? Here's what the entrepreneur said: "If you know your idea will solve society's problem, then it doesn't matter where you are starting the business. There are hundreds of companies serving different interests in the digital space, but ours has a unique purpose which you shall know very soon."


Sahil Suri has already marked his inception in the world of entertainment by buying stakes in Dubai's leading company, Dejavu Entertainment and Events. He will also set sail on his Bollywood journey by being a producer. Sahil Suri is also the founder of an IT company and owns a luxury restaurant. He is truly turning heads with his business skills.


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