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Actor Suved Lohia’s Success Story Proves Dream Come True

Acto Suved Lohia has been a part of quite interesting films like Aryan: Unbreakable and Jai Ho. In Jai Ho, he shared the screen space alongside Salman Khan. The actor had an interesting journey as an actor.

Currently, Suved is one of the top and successful entrepreneurs in the country. The journey wasn't a cakewalk for him. He worked hard to reach at the position he is in his professional life right now.

In 2017, Suved Lohia was the director of DAILLY BREAD & BUTTER HOSPITALITY PRIVATE LIMITED.

He has worked at such great positions with many different companies. Now, Suved has achieved great heights in his career as he is a partner and owner of Manu Restaurants and Clubs. 

With his hardwork and determination, Suved has truly set inspiring example to those who dream big.

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