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Aditi Oberoi Malhotra On Being A Coolest Mom in the Fashion Business and a Social Media star

Aditi Oberoi Malhotra is a force in the fashion industry with a following of over 1 million across all her social media channels and blog. Before she started Fancy Correctitude she studied fashion from the top school for fashion in India, NIFT. Ten years ago she moved from New Delhi, the capital of India to Los Angeles. “Fashion has always been my career path. Fancy Correctitude is just another extension of that. When I started Fancy Correctitude 5 years ago little did I know it would become my full-time business.” Today Aditi is a creative and business owner of a successful fashion blog. 
Aditi Oberoi Malhotra who grew up in New Delhi and studied fashion from NIFT has built quite a fan following has established herself as a successful luxury fashion blogger and social media star. Aditi had the passion and the skill set to excel in this field. Aditi’s life trajectory helped push her into a career she always envisioned for herself.At the time she was starting her blog she realized that there’s a lack of representation of Indian Americans in luxury fashion. She started her blogging journey in 2015. Five years down the line, Aditi is collaborating with the likes of Givenchy, Dior, Valentino, etc, most sought after brands in the name of luxury fashion around the world. Today, she’s a role model for other women and through her fashion tips, she helps them to be unafraid of accepting themselves the way they are. “Diversity is beautiful and what makes you more beautiful is your uniqueness.”  Having a baby did it affect your career adversely as modeling is also a big part of it. “I have always believed in having a good balance between work life and family life. Dino & I always wanted to start a family! I did have to say no to some projects at the time I was pregnant but I would not have it any other way. Having Arian did not stop me from following my plans just altered them a little but trust me it's worth it. I love that so many successful women today are managing their work-life and career so well. I think having a family along with a successful career just makes your life more wholesome. How has your Indian upbringing affected you and the trajectory of your career?I have been blessed by a very supportive family. My dad started his own business and worked hard to support our family. I inherited that strong work ethic from him & learned from example how to work hard to reach my goals. Can you walk us through what a successful running of your business entails? When I realized that my blog has turned into a business, I began to learn what I am good at and areas I need help in. Then my husband started helping me with the business part of it and we made sure to hire people that do exceptionally well in roles that we didn't do well in. This would allow us time to focus and excel in what we do best and plan for the future of this company.  That being said I am the creative director and Dino helps me when it comes to executing brand campaigns including photography, videography, social and research. Our assistant brand manager handles the day-to-day; blog content ideas, gathering analytics, managing interns, scheduling and a whole lot more — she's amazing! We also have a talent manager who manages and negotiates brand campaigns.  What is the coolest thing about being an influencer? Getting to meet so many wonderful and talented people and having followers come up to me and say hi and tell me how much I have inspired them. Being able to work from home and travel with my family. What's one piece of advice you have for people who may be pursuing a more traditional career but have a passion for something more creative?To do well in life, you need to love what you do and do the things that you want to do. Destiny gives you the opportunity, it opens doors. Hard work helps you make the most of that opportunity. There is no substitute for hard work, no matter who you are or what you do. I am so motivated and love my work so much that I am excited to start my day. Work hard & nothing is impossible. @fancycorrectitudewww.fancycorrectitude.com

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