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Afghanistan crisis: G20 leaders vow to avert economic disaster

Angela Merkel, the German Chancellor, stated that the country should not be allowed to "descend into chaos." The virtual summit came as the United Nations urged world leaders to invest billions of dollars in Afghanistan's economy. US Vice President Joe Biden emphasized that aid should be delivered through independent international organizations rather than directly to the ruling Taliban.

But, so far, the money has largely been counted in millions of dollars, just to provide emergency food and medicine. Pledges include European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen's promise to give €1 billion ($1.15 billion; £850 million) to Afghanistan and neighbouring countries taking in refugees.

Mrs. Merkel, who did not run for re-election last month and will resign as chancellor once a new government is formed, reaffirmed Germany's €600 million pledge.

"None of us has anything to gain if the entire monetary system in Afghanistan collapses or the financial system collapses," she told reporters. "Then humanitarian aid can no longer be provided. Of course, it's never easy to draw the line, so to speak, but to look on as 40 million people descend into chaos because there's no electricity supply or financial system - that cannot and must not be the goal of the international community."

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