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"Age doesn't matter", says Indian Entrepreneur and Digital Marketer Ujwal Sharma

Ujwal Sharma has been a Digital Marketing consultant for top-notch International Companies to grow their business with proper Online Business strategies, SEO optimization, lead generation, and handling their Digital PR. He has served every business sector. Currently, he is one of the most valuable Indian Digital Marketing Specialists in the world. He has helped over whopping one hundred seventy-five Startups of Canada, New Zealand, India, the US, and the UK, to gain their business growth with Digital Marketing and Digital PR.

Ujwal is the founder and chief executive officer of Asia's Top Digital Marketing Solutions Company - "Uzi World Digital." He has been a big name in the Digital Marketing Industry, and his firm was the winner of the India Digital Enabler Awards (IDEA 2020) for ‘best use of Social Media’ organized by Entrepreneur Magazine India. 

Ujwal is also a Digital Marketing Mentor who has mentored over 1000+ students. Presently he is working on his EBook which will be launched later this year. Along with this, he is also the founder of ‘Classicpreneur News and Media’, which is an International Business and Finance News Publication. He was featured on Mid-Day as Asia's Youngest Entrepreneur and Digital Marketer.

He has a huge following for his webinars and mentorship, his webinar for the basics of Digital Marketing was one of the most viewed webinars of 2020 with over 2000+ live and active viewers. Ujwal is Popularly known as "The Dynamic Digital Marketer and Entrepreneur".

Talking about his academics, Ujwal is pursuing his higher studies from Kalyani Public School, Saltlake branch, he has spent almost nine years in a boarding school where he learned various skills. As per sources, Ujwal Sharma was just 16 years old when he entered the Digital Marketing Industry. He has come a long way and is now heading towards becoming a millionaire.

His company has been managing big Celebrities, some of the big names are Ankit Kalsi, Mickey B, Manie Singh and Pushkar Sharma. Ujwal has been awarded over 25 Digital Marketing Certifications. He is still in high school and managing his work and studies together. In a news interview with the local news media, Ujwal said - "I try to give equal time to both my studies and my work".

His iconic quote - "AGE DOESN'T MATTER", is very popular among people. He says, “age is just a number and one can achieve success irrespective of their age”. Ujwal stays motivated and highly dedicated to his work. He believes that one must respect his or her work and at the same time must also follow their passion. 

He started his journey with $0 and now is one of the top Marketing Experts on the global level being just 18 years old. Ujwal Sharma is an Inspiration for the youth, that one must have faith in them and do whatever they want to, and they will become successful.

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