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Akansha Arora ruling the realm of modeling with her breathtaking style

'The desire or ambition", as the name describes itself and so a cute little chubby girl from the city of Nawab's, Akansha Arora born on 21st October 2002 is a beautiful journey in herself. The family was filled with joy and happiness, her parents especially her grandfather said "My Lakshmi has arrived". She has been the ample of eyes for the whole family as it is said in our Indian families that the younger ones are the dearest ones. Belonging to a simple middle-class family she has always been so happy and straightforward for her aim, without any fear or tension all supported by her dear mom, dad, and elder sister.

It's was last year when she saw an entry for a competition and she decided to participate. It was her first success when she won the title of Miss Universal Uttar Pradesh 2020 meanwhile she lost her dad but nothing stopped her she fought back and stood up and won the title of Miss Lucknow 2020 by Mallika-e-awadh Mrs. Shweta Tiwari, crowned by the very famous BIDAI sisters TV Actress Parul Chauhan and Sara Khan. From there the journey took speed and she won the title of Youth Inspiration at Mr. and Miss. Model of the year by Mr. Purujit Singh, awarded by The Himanshi Khurana also she has been awarded as a guest for being Youth Fashion Inspiration at Fashion Week Lucknow by Ishita Rastogi, awarded by Miss Shefali Bagga.

Apart from these achievements is Akansha is a jolly person who addresses you with a smile whenever you meet her, just like any other teenager, she loves using Instagram, she is foody, she loves spending time with her family and she also has a keen interest in dance and music. But her ups and downs are no less than an inspiration. Her father passed away before her results of Miss Lucknow he only had a small idea that her daughter is participating in the competition but he had no idea that her daughter is going to win Miss Lucknow, her Mother passed away a few weeks after her results of Miss Lucknow, but none of these stopped her from participating and winning the competition, it takes a lot of courage to do so and a lot of determination too.

After all these incidents, she has been nominated for Indian Award night & many more.
She is about to compete for national-level beauty contests in the upcoming five-six months and she is going to study for BA LLB and see her career in Law and looking forward to doing great things in her life.

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