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Akash Avinash Jagtap, an emerging entrepreneur from Pune, with an insight of hope

For no man wishes to die with the dreams in his eyes, and those who hold the inspiration to continue never lose hope. They are the actual winners, and they are what the world demands to be the true leaders, true guiders, and the motivators of the world around. Akash is one such motivation for the younger generation whose story started from Karad and then shifted to Pune. He moved ahead and always tried to be the better version of himself. He says, “I want to achieve more than what I had yesterday,” what an inspirational line. It shows how this young man competes with his past and not with others. He aims to see the better version of himself, rather than being like someone. Certainly, his motivation will always be his dad, but for what he is today, it is the hard work, dedication, and the personality of never giving up, which separates this young entrepreneur from Pune, from all. As of now, Akash is a Civil Engineer who entered the business world with his learnings and tactics obtained over time. He aims to touch the turnover of 1000 crores and is truly dedicated to the real challenge and hard work which the time would start to show now.
Akash says, “Not everyone has a dream to live a normal life; some have dreams to die with memories that encouraged them to live throughout.” He knows his capability, and he knows’ that a great businessman would never lose hopes but will always try to come out stronger from where he is towards what he wants to be. At a young age of 22, this young man’s dream has touched the mindset, which probably sometimes takes a whole life to develop. He knows he is not born with a silver spoon, and just like he saw his dad work every day and make a living from 0 to 200 crores, he gets motivated to not adopt but to try and to move ahead. He works to achieve success, a reputation, a business name that will be called by his name, and would have the footprints of his struggles. He wants, he tries, and he learns every day the business tactics, the strategies and thanks to his dad for being such an amazing personality, and an idol for him.
“I made a start, continued, and saw how things work. I saw my dad managing his business, with a pinch of both profits and losses. It is because of all those times that today, I hold the experience and the learning I have. I know that profits are not always possible, and this is why I didn't give up when I failed in the business of cold drinks. I learned, I moved, and I started better. I knew I had nothing to regret as I gave my 100% and worked hard, but the only thing I lacked therein was the experience of moving ahead. So, I could have given up, but instead, I supposed myself to have hope, dedication, and hard work, and there I was learning again and starting again“, said Akash when asked if he ever faced loss and how it affected him, and his life.
Today, Akash is in contracting business and tries to keep up with the growth of not just the business but also himself at a personal level. He reads, and he watches every strategy. He ensures to implement the same in his mind before he puts them on the paper. The best part of this young entrepreneur is that he never doubts himself. He says, “One who doubts is the one is lost, and I just want to be lost positively in the growth, and this is what keeps me going.” Such an inspiration for many around, who wants to achieve but lack that one hopes to see what might come next? Akash’s story teaches us-
“Hope is what we have of our own. If we start changing it based on assumptions of others, it’s the end.”
So, losing hope is never a choice for growth and for success, no chance. Have it and move ahead with dedication is what Akash keeps sharing around.

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