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Akash Thakur MSVA : The rapping prodigy bringing a storm with his powerful verses on humanity

"Love and compassion are necessities, not luxuries. Without them, humanity cannot survive", a believer of the above-mentioned quote by Dalai lama, Akash Thakur MSVA is a humanitarian par excellence. He has taken audiences by storm because of his motivational persona and exhilarating rap songs.

Hailing from Bulandshahr, UP, Aakash is propelled by the desire to spread humanity and hope. Having reached various milestones in a very short span of starting the process of bringing a positive change with his verses. He has released some mind boggling videos on YouTube with lyrics that have deep connection with the current scenario of our country. Akash's raps are followed by the lovers of humanity who are overwhelmed by his inspiring content that is not vulgar but eye opening.

Since childhood, Akash had a different approach towards different issues of life. He began his YouTube channel in the year 2019 called 'Humanity: A vision' after 2 years of visualising his dreams to take his different thoughts on the world to large audiences.

Akash began posting motivational content which got traction and appreciation when he began, but slowly he realised that viewers do not take motivational content seriously. Hence he adapted to a way which was the most in vogue to let his videos reach to massive audiences. Akash Thakur began writing and releasing motivational raps as part of his idiosyncratic content which was received by his viewers with open arms.

"I certainly believe that any good thing that one wants to do should begin now. With this approach and conviction in mind, I began shooting for my YouTube videos, my initial content was shot on my phone. Even though I didn't shoot with any fancy cameras still the verses were so moving that I was motivated by people to take this streak forward. Today, my music stands verified on all platforms and I am committed to breaking barriers with my raps to weave different stories concerning humanity", says Akash Thakur MSVA.

In a short span, the efforts of Akash Thakur MSVA have borne fruit. Not only is his content receiving accolades but his music has been verified on iTunes, Spotify, Gaana, Wynk and several other platforms. Akash also subsequently received the YouTube official artist verification and is reigning with his authentic and deeply insightful verses.

Akash Thakur MSVA is also an action taker who simply just doesn't release raps but also imbibes the goodness that he speaks about in his music. From contributing towards dog health to helping the needy and downtrodden, Akash Thakur MSVA believes in doing service without showcasing it online.

Some of his most powerful verses that have got the most traction consist of Tabaahi, Toofan: A tribute to the Indian army, Darna Nahi hai etc. With over 12000 followers on instagram, Akash is taking various strides and is being driven by the sole purpose of making his voice reach to various corners of our country.

His deep words and a practical approach to guide millennials is catering to the opinion needs of the Indian viewers. Apart from his YouTube channel, Akash is being followed by thousands of enablers like him on social media and his tracks remain much awaited each time to bring a revolution. Spreading the message of hope, humanity and courage, Akash Thakur MSVA is an inspiration who is exemplary in using his talent in the right and most productive ways.

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