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Akshay wants to go long in Bollywood films to become a top actor

His initial days were tough as he did not get any support from his friend or family members. No one supported him and the people around him discouraged him a lot except his mother who has been her secret supporter. This, however, did not keep him away from pursuing his dreams in his career in the field of acting.

Akshay wanted to be a scientist when he was a student but destiny has its own plans. He acted in small skits and plays during his school and college days. He also used to visit the theatre group with his grandfather while he was busy doing on play based on Ramanyana. There he got the chance to explore the various aspects of acting and other fields along with knowing about the motion pictures that made him intrigued to enter into the field of acting. Hence when he completed his studies he wanted to be an actor but no one supported him a lot. 

 He was known as Aruku and later got recognition with this name and later came out with the other name known as Simhaswapna (meaning someone who has better control over the things that rules everything. He kept on moving ahead crossing all the hurdles and issues that came in his way. He learned and mastered different dialects and acting while working with filmmakers and people connected to films. He started working with films from the South Indian industry. He used to feel uncomfortable while working with directors and filmmakers who had a fixed and rigid attitude.

However, he kept on working hard and developed his interest to act in more and more films until he started getting applauds from the filmmakers whom he has worked with. He started working with filmmakers at the South Indian films and soon embarked with good work that kept people applaud for his good work. He now feels that he has the right set of attitudes and skill sets that can make him sustain in this tough world. He also has endorsed a couple of products including a coffee brand in the market. He is active in the Bollywood and even left the web series offer to continue doing roles in B Town. He has taken a break on health grounds and now shaping his body to resume the work soon. Besides, he is an avid pet lover and intends to have a lion as a pet. Lastly, he seems to be in talks with makers of a multilingual series in a lead role, apart from getting an untitled crime thriller soon.

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