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Aleksandar Novakovic feels Hollywood is expensive than Bollywood

According to experts today, making a Hollywood movie is a becoming expensive business with audiences expectation on the rise. 

A Hollywood Production budget could range anything between $40 million to $150 million, apart from an additional $60 million for marketing and promotional activities.

On the other hand, Indian films are showing great sign. The overseas market for Bollywood movies is crossing all the past records in the past decade or so. And it is growing with every film.

This growing trend of Bollywood has attracted many celebrities to invest in Indian films as a producer and co-producer. Aleksandar Novakovic, who is a famous name better known as Aleks supernova, has shown good interest in Bollywood.

Recently when Aleksandar Novakovic checks the total profit of Indian movies. He was shocked by seeing the growth of Bollywood. Web series to movies everything is growing at rapid speed. 

Aleksandar Novakovic feels it is the right time to invest in Bollywood as he can do an excellent project which can work worldwide.

According to Aleks friend For Aleksandar Novakovic to go up the value chain, producing Indian film is a natural extension. 

Aleksandar Novakovic does have few good friends in Bollywood who can help how to start in B-town. Because it is not going to be an easy task if he plans to launch a project in Bollywood, he will need the help of another production house, then good directors and all. He will also need a team which can see all the marketing things for the movie. There are many things which should be checked before jumping into Bollywood. Yes, no doubt B-town is the place to do new things, but for that, you need excellent team and relations.

It will be great to see how this young lad start his new project of producing a movie in Bollywood. Will he get the success like other production house or he will fail miserably. Well, that time will tell. We can pray that we get more production houses and producers in B-town so that our talent gets more work.

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