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All 126 Assembly Constituencies in Assam will have DC offices: Himanta Biswa Sarma

The Assam government is considering reorganizing its administrative system to decentralize power from the district to the constituency level in order to relieve deputy commissioners of routine chores.


There are 126 Assembly districts and 31 administrative districts in Assam. Himanta Biswa Sarma, the chief minister of Assam, claims that the state administration is trying to establish "DC offices" in each of the 126 constituencies.


By decentralizing authority from the district level to the constituency level, the Assam government is considering overhauling its administrative structure in an effort to relieve deputy commissioners of routine labour.


"There will be DC offices and an Additional Deputy Commissioner in each of Assam's 126 Assembly districts. And they'll handle all the labour. There would be a district in every constituency, so people won't need to travel to the district headquarters for any work,” the Chief Minister told some sources in Guwahati. The issue will be covered in full at a three-day DC conference set for Tinsukia from May 12 to 14.  


The state government of Assam passed numerous important policies for preserving the power of district officials and fostering grassroots governance during a weekly meeting of the Assam Cabinet. The Cabinet also authorized a set of standards for District Commissioners' (DCs) performance evaluation. 


Additionally, the Cabinet approved the District Commissioners' (DCs) performance evaluation criteria and a 3% pay rise for contract workers at 5 mini ITIs in the Department of Skill, Employment, and Entrepreneurship.


The goal of the new policy for district officials is to keep district teams active throughout the year, bringing governance and administration closer to the people. Additionally, the policy outlines a procedure for releasing officers who intend to continue on extended leaves and under regular transfer orders without affecting the district team structure. Each district will have a set number of ADCs, SDOS, and Assistant Commissioners based on its size, needs, and complexity.

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