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Amaan Quasim: A Ray Of Hope For Pandemic-Hit Kathputli Community

Covid-19 continues to claim human lives and simultaneously cripple the economy. Daily wage earners with marginal savings have temporarily lost their jobs. They are unable to access food and essential items. Women who were already facing domestic abuse are grappling with increased violence. Senior citizens, at higher risks of complications and fatality, face acute challenges of their own. Amidst all this, social workers like young Amaan Quasim have emerged like true warriors, out to rescue millions of people bereft of sustenance.

The not so prosperous ‘Kathputli Community’, majorly involved in making and showcasing puppets are the frontrunners of the cultural heritage imbibed in their art and profession. These poor people faced unprecedented loss during the pandemic and were forced to shut shop. This left them wanting the basic necessities of life. But their lives changed when Amaan came to the forefront to help these individuals meet their daily ends. From providing ration kits, food to every other essential item, Amaan brought a ray of optimism in their lives.

A renowned entrepreneur by profession, Amaan is quite popular among TV personalities as well as Bollywood celebrities for his ground-breaking work while shooting promotional videos for actors, TV serials, and various other businesses.

Despite being a busy man himself, Amaan tries his best to devote time to this social cause. In his own words, “Due to limited gatherings and crowds, these communities are forced to shut down their art and work. Their frugal incomes are already gone and they are forced to go hungry due to limited support from the authorities. Watching their plight made me want to do something to give them a better life as these people possess the impeccable talent and are a prized possession for the country”.

“Despite the provisions made by the government, there is still a need to do a lot for such badly hit minority communities of the country. I feel immense pleasure and gratitude in being a part of this mission to provide succor to these poor people and it is deeply satisfying for me,” he further added.

Being an entrepreneur and simultaneously working for the betterment of the downtrodden, Mr. Amaan has proved himself a true example for other youngsters. From beginning his career as a senior executive to running his own successful business, Amaan has been creating waves in the City of Dreams.

Among his more significant achievements in life is his NGO, Rope – Ek Dor Udaan Ki, which is doing a yeoman’s job in the rehabilitation of orphan kids. Amaan is also a member of another NGO, Human for Humanity, which creates awareness and removes the stigma attached to women's health issues such as menstruation. In addition to these, Amaan is also associated with the All India Sufi Council as its Secretary. This allows him to participate in a number of social activities organized to uplift the needy sections in society.

It is this warmth and respect that Amaan has earned in the entertainment industry that sets him apart from other youngsters and puts him with those who are working really hard to create a better world for everyone.

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