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Amber Gandotra a leading Entrepreneur of India under 25 in India

India, as we all know, is a foody Nation, we love our food, spicy, yummy and different flavours of masala. Small to significant events, we are known for keeping varieties of food in our thalis wherever we go in India.

The food business has been top Business, and with western culture food coming in India, we are the biggest market in the world in terms of different kind of foods.

Looking at the opportunity in this Business, one young Entrepreneur name Amber Gandotra has jumped into this Business. He has opened his stores in Jammu, and other places which are famously known as "Brewers - The Coffee Bar", "Jammu Special Paranthe Wali Gali" and “Amritsari Special Kulcha King” etc.

Amber Gandotra we all know him, he is a famous personality of Jammu who is known for entrepreneurial quality from a tender age.  Amber knows India, especially western and northern part of India is foody region and people love trying different food and coffee bars. So he has made an ultimate mix of west and regional food in his stores, which is working spectacularly for him. 

Amber always amaze everyone with his thoughts and business style. He is a strange kind of Entrepreneur more of a traditional one who understands the basic needs of India. He makes more essential things from the small projects, and that quality is pretty rare in today' time.

Amber is also noted for his other businesses like IT, then salon Business. Other than Business this guy loves to ride his Beast (cars)  Machines, and we often see him with top celebrities of every field. Amber's popularity is increasing day by day as time is passing. We can see him becoming the most qualified Entrepreneurial Celebrity of our time. Every project he is trying is becoming gold all thanks to his vision and his efforts behind every project.

Amber is also good looking lad; he has charming looks which can smoothly work in the movie as a lead actor. Surely he might be having a massive number of Girl following in his social media accounts. This guy loves to enjoy life with his family as his pictures on Instagram tells the story. He seems to be pretty close to his family. 

We find a vast number of entrepreneurs in India nowadays who are taking India forward with their skills in fast-moving 21st century and Amber Gandotra is leading that list.

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