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Amit M’s Aadat song has set a new trend in Bollywood Industry

Amit M’s Aadat song receiving an amazing response on social media. No doubt social media makes people and it became more viral after the tiktokers started lip-sync the song. Within a short span of time the song was hit with millions of viewership.

Well, he always wanted to do something in the b-town industry. It all started as a hobby and now it’s became the carrier well this song was launched on 24th July 2019.

While Amit is picking up the popularity, he clarifies how he thought of this song and how it happened. He stated, "I saw one mother who lost her 2-year-old child while driving, she was on her cellphone doing some web-based life action and what occurred next is something she doesn't recall in light of the fact that the following thing she saw was herself in the Hospital"

He further stated "This tune passes on a solid message to the young. The present age is totally dependent on their cell phone directly from taking a gander at the watch to meeting companions and families, and so on the web. It has turned out to be addictive to the point that you can't go to the latrine without it. This tune is about how you can break this fixation and acknowledge things around you."

This song is an eye-opener to the people. Aadat is out on Youtube on Amit M's channel. Do have a look.

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