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Andrew Tate facing Trial for Charges on Human Trafficking & Rape in Romania

Andrew Tate

Romanian Authorities on Tuesday announced that the Controversial Social Media Influencer Andrew Tate has been indicted for Human Trafficking, Rape and Creation of Criminal Organsiation. The Romanian Authorities further announced the extension of house arrest of Tate’s brother, Tristan Tate who along with two of his associates were also charged. Both the brothers have been charged with serious crimes after several lengthy rounds of investigations done by DIICOT. Earlier, in December 2022, the Tate Brothers were detained at a prison, however, it was Yesterday, on June 20th, 2023, that the duo were slapped with charges of Human Trafficking, Rape and Creation of Criminal Organistaion. However, all of them have denied the serious charges levelled against them. 


It is also learnt that DIICOT (Directorate For Investigating Organised Crime and Terrorism), has further put forth recommendations to confiscate the properties of the brother duo including Cars, Expensive Watches, land, other properties and Bitcoin. The 36-year-old Influencer has been placed under house arrest in Bucharest since March, along with his 34-year-old brother Tristan and two other associates, aged 32 and 28, after being charged on suspicion of human trafficking. However, recently, the Romanian officials upped the charges to the more serious crime of “human trafficking in continued form”. The Tate brothers and two of their associates were informed about the human trafficking charges on June 12, when they were summoned to Romania's organised crime unit’s Headquarters.


Who is Andrew Tate?


Andrew Tate is a British and American social media Influencer, an entrepreneur and a former professional kickboxer. He is a prominent figure in the world of social media and online activism. Born on July 15, 1987, Andrew Tate gained significant attention for his outspoken views and charismatic personality. He hails from Chicago, Illinois, and has made a name for himself through his various online platforms.


Why is he famous and what is his background?


Andrew Tate rose to fame primarily for his advocacy work and activism on social justice issues. With a background in sociology and a deep passion for equality, he became known for his thought-provoking content and powerful speeches. Tate has actively used social media as a tool to engage with his audience and raise awareness about issues such as racial discrimination, systemic inequalities, and police brutality. He gained prominence on Social Media and had a massive fan following and later was given the title of a Social Media Influencer by the netizens.


Why was Andrew Tate banned from Social Media?


Despite his widespread influence and positive impact, Andre Tate found himself banned from social media platforms in recent years. The ban was a result of his controversial statements and actions that violated the platforms' community guidelines. While Tate had always been known for his outspoken nature, some of his remarks were deemed as promoting hate speech or inciting violence. As a consequence, social media platforms took the decision to suspend his accounts, effectively limiting his online presence and reach. This move generated mixed reactions among his followers, with some supporting the decision as a necessary measure against harmful content, while others criticised it as a suppression of free speech. Regardless, the ban has significantly impacted Andrew Tate's ability to communicate his message and engage with his audience online.


Later, as Elon Musk took charge as the CEO of Twitter, Andrew Tate’s Twitter handle was reinstated and the former professional kickboxer has a whopping 6.9 million followers on the Blue Bird App. 


Despite facing serious charges in Romania, the trial of Andrew Tate, his brother and other 2 associates, who have been slapped with serious charges, is yet to commence and as per local Romanian sources, it might take several years.

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