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Animal Booster Nutrition: A Brand that Sportsperson Trust

Animal Booster Nutrition is a nutrition brand that has grown and is growing rapidly with high-quality nutrition products like Whey Protein, weight gainer, Carbohydrates, BCAA, pre-workout, glutamine Glucose, fat burner, etc. With a wide range of experts working to meet the needs of aspiring sportspersons of all ages and gender.

Animal Booster Nutrition was founded in 2008 by its CEO Dr. Anuj Choudhary. With a wide range of staff, sportspersons, and influencers, this company is meeting the needs of the sportsperson and common people of all ages. Their work is aspiring everyone to believe in their fitness potential and then equip them with instruments to fulfill it.

Animal Booster Nutrition quality control ensures that the products are made as per the guidelines of The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) which is established under the Food and Safety Standards to ensure the quality of food and nutritional products. It is one of the main reasons why Animal Booster Nutrition is one of the most genuine and trusted brands available in the market. Their philosophy of providing the best product at the lowest competitive price gives customers what they look for.

Animal Booster Nutrition, aims to fire the desire of people across the country by making the best product in sports nutrition that is available and affordable to everyone irrespective of their goals and aspiration. They have a wide selection of products at an extraordinary value for money range. Also taking into consideration the choices of vegetarian for dietary needs. Raw dairy and gluten-free are an example of such products to meet the requirement for the products for a wide range of customers.

In house production of everything helps them maintain the highest quality with state of the art production facilities. Animal Booster Nutrition is invested in maintaining high tech manufacturing facilities and superior testing measures to ensure the delivery of the purest product. They want to ensure that every product leaving the warehouse, should meet the expectations of customers.

Manufacturing customer-centric products to provide an excellent customer experience is one of the main reasons for Animal Booster Nutrition's rapid growth. They have formed a large community of sportsperson and fitness enthusiasts. To meet the expectation of their growing community, they keep on sharing A to Z of workouts and everything involved with the fitness journey. They keep updated on their blog and social media to keep the community providing the latest advances in the fitness world.

After Animal Booster Nutrition beginning in 2008, their hunger for excellence and providing quality sports nutrition to everyone has been acknowledged and rewarded as well. It has achieved ISO 22000 certification in production. GMP (Goods Manufacturing Practice) certification accreditation has been some major achievements in their journey.

Animal Booster Nutrition sponsored many athletes who won medals for India in the international championship. The success of Animal Booster Nutrition has many factors but the foundation has been set by its CEO Dr. Anuj Choudhary. He has provided this company with his vision, passion for sports, and determination to succeed. After completing his Ph.D. in Sports Science, he keeps digging deeper to provide the best product and mentorship to sportsperson to compete at the International level. Every company needs its foundation to be strong and any sports nutrition company can’t ask for a CEO who is a sportsperson that knows the struggle of being a sportsperson.

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