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Anunay Srivastava- A Travel Blogger and Digital Media Influencer Freak

Traveling is a passion which not all possess and for those who do, never want to leave up that life of creativity. A life full of sights, ideas and words for which no one would leave a chance to walk away. Anunay Srivastava, he is one among that delighted soul whose passion brought him close to write, to have a life of travel blogger who loves sharing every view he captures by his eyes and pen downs in his words. At a young age of 25, he is the founder of Dotflix, a digital marketing agency based in Ghaziabad. Blogging, digital marketing, something related to the internet, something which connects him with his childhood memories when he had such craze for doing something which urged him to know more about it. He denoted the people using social media and internet in numbers and said, “with every 1 in 9 human population, people spend such amount of time on Facebook and Youtube. what to say? Just one word for me, opportunity and a chance to bring in creativity. I got to work and took advantage of this blooming digital marketing phase by presenting them with Dotflix- a voice for varied brands.” 

Whatever Anunay learned, whatever he adopted was a passion and passion as we know, never denies the hard work, it seeks more of it and Anunay was ready for it all. With whatever was demanded he provided and headed to make his own digital marketing company a big success by providing the best consultancy and expert services. He also worked towards improvement and providing of better website development services, social media marketing services, SEO services, etc which brought him a step closer for what he always dreamt of, “Something out of the internet, something on the internet”. His start like every success maker was small and he worked as a freelancer. His creativity brought him close to what was called as the travelling part, which in turn made him better acquainted with how things work around. 

On talking about his passion as a blogger and a traveller, he says, “Travelling is that form of love which no matter what mood you start with, will bring you to a success path, a smiling path, a wonderful journey where all that will be around will be the creativity and this is what my clients vouch for. My work, my dedication and my creativity, this is what they seek and this is what I provide. For me, the start of Dotflix was full of hurdles and I knew the only leading path to success will be, never to stop and this is what I did. Just in case I felt down, I took a trip to some desired locations or sometimes made a start for nowhere, which brought me close to what I called a nature’s gift.”

Dotflix is one platform for brands which is declared to be outstanding in SEO, Social media promotion and Ad words. According to Anunay, on today’s date, every organization around uses digital marketing and this is what that makes them succeed. With Digital India campaign, there are add up every day through new flavours and this is what Dotflix takes advantage of proving to be the next level of digital marketing in India. A marketing agency helping out businesses visibility online with the top website traffic and for sure a guaranteed ROI with every better service. They provide following the trend best of what they can and never compromise on services as according to Anunay when he can't compromise for what he receives, how can he compromise for what people perceive.

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