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AnyTechTrial empowers businesses by helping them try and choose software for free

Softwares run this tech-driven world. These are such intangible goods that have brought a change in making our tasks very convenient and cutting our precious time used in doing tasks manually. But a major factor that becomes a challenge while using software, especially for those with lesser know-how of technology is the complexity of use.

Not everyone can be a techie to breakdown the correct usage of such software for themselves or for their firms, which invites added costs and delays in understanding if the software purchased will be right for one's needs or not.

The founders of AnyTechTrial were adamant to change this scenario because of which they subsequently built an empowering platform that gives the incentive to the user to get a free trial of any software in the market, making them save on a lot of time, money, and effort that goes into futile searches and then wrong buying decisions.

This idea has today crossed national boundaries. The team at AnyTechTrial has been consistently receiving many queries from international businesses who register their interest in this problem solving thoughtful platform.

Talking about their USP, the founder says, "We take pride to reckon that our platform is the first of its kind across the globe which offers all the SAAS applications at a single place. This has certainly opened new avenues for our venture. We enable the users to experience working on the software with a free trial before they make any buying decision. Anyone can meet all their SAAS requirements on our single website".

"At AnyTechTrial.Com we’ve listed 5000+ software across 100’s of categories and one can try any of them for absolutely no cost. Our committed team is quick to answer all queries related to software like CRM, Webinar, Accounting, Inventory, Anti-virus & even OTT platforms and Digital wallets", he adds.

Awarded as the Game Changer for 2020, AnyTechTrail has also been receiving awards and accolades from many international organizations, the latest one being in the technology category for India. The prospects of AnyTechTrial are in high spirits. It has kept the vision of setting up six offices in international locations for better penetration and understanding of those markets.

The company is a bootstrapped Indian company, built by the persistent efforts of its founders. It has in a short time capped the market very well. Hence, it speaks volumes about the ability of our Indian foresighted founders in providing robust solutions to everyone across the globe.

"Our biggest advice that we would like to pass on to budding entrepreneurs is to have a more user-friendly and problem-statement-driven platform which focuses more on the SME and enterprise market. If your vision and mission solve the overarching problems of the industry, the business will certainly grow with utmost support from the market. Therefore, you should focus on giving what the market needs via your venture and it will be the key for taking your business to unscaled heights", says the founder on his top advice to budding entrepreneurs to make it big in the market.

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