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Aparna Bajpai's international Venture ‘Being She’ Dubai is all about making women empowered

Aparna Bajpai although she started her career in a different field working in London, UK, and expanded to global locations, she ended up forming a platform for women called BeingShe. This came into the picture when she bagged Mrs. India Globe Dubai UAE title after she made her comeback in her professional life in her late thirties after she came out her family way. She won the title and then realized that a new avenue is waiting for her. 

Feeling intense potential in this field, she was quick to embark upon an international venture called Being She Dubai, which is all about shaping up the potentials of young women and guiding them to become a strong voice for society and the women community. This platform is all about initiating, 

Igniting, empowering, and guiding women with powerful ideas to emerge as the next generation leaders in society. 

Since Aparna has loved interacting with people and calls it as her learning experience, she has leveraged on her skills to make her platform strong for women. 

One of the verticals of Being She is Being She Universe an international platform, to prepare any nationalities women unmarried or married, ready to win titles and pageants at different global events. While the platform is meant to connect, 

Educate and empower women in order to develop a strong network making them competent spokespersons and advocates for the society for a social cause. Being She has embarked as an important platform to empower and shape women in the right direction and give them wings to fly high in the sky.

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