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Ariz Shaikh Gives 36 Different Lifestyle Categories On Vaamoz Under One Roof.

Vaamoz is a Lifestyle Service and Deals App which aims at providing Services to its Customers in different sectors such as Food, Fitness, Salon, Spa, and Activities. Vaamoz has 36 Sub Categories in the Application which consist of deals and offers.

Vaamoz will be kicking Off from Aamchi Mumbai and is tied up with different lifestyle brands across Mumbai, who provides the best-desired services suitable to every customer's needs and that too in great deals and sizzling hot offers which you cannot refuse.

First, a beta version of the application will be launched, we will do all the testing in the beta version. After testing the application the Alpha Version of Vaamoz will be launched.

The main idea or the mega mind behind the Vaamoz application is Mr. Ariz Shaikh, he is the founder of the company Vaamoz. On asked how the idea of Vaamoz popped to him, I received a more than satisfactory answer. His main idea behind Vaamoz is to provide those services which everyone can utilize and take benefit out of it. His words were “ I want to provide high-end services to those who think twice before stepping out. I want everyone to go to a five star or four-star hotel and take a spa, dine-in, have a good swim. I want to spread joy and happiness to all.”

Vaamoz is a Spanish word meaning 'Let's Go’.

In Vaamoz we can find 36 different types of Lifestyle Services Categories. From Italian to meatatarian, from a pedicure to Tattoo, from Ayurvedic to Foot massage, from kickboxing to Zumba, from water parks to camping Vaamoz has everything.

Vaamoz's main catch is offers, deals, meals that are lightweight on one's pocket.

A user can buy the services in the form of packages and combos at a very reasonable price.

Since Mumbai has adapted the new 24x7 rule, Vaamoz provides great service and amazing packages to all at any time. Vaamoz also provides Midnight Buffets in different hotels and restaurants.

The mission of Vaamoz:  “To be the preferred choice of customers for availing premium lifestyle services at a worthwhile cost by providing the best lifestyle service at their preferred store when desired.” 

Vision Of Vaamoz: To make Vaamoz a Platform desirable and accessible by the masses and the classes by providing services suitable to every customer's needs.

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