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Ashrul Hussain’s “Ye Jaan Tere Naam Hai” perfectly encapsulates the kind of love story the world needs

Rising as a hub for quality entertainment, IDOL Music is the official YouTube channel for IDOL Music Records, founded by Ashrul Hussain and the channel was created on 18 February 2021. Since its creation, a song has already been released by the name of Ye Jaan Tere Naam Hai. With its official all-platform-wide release on the 15th of September 2021, Ye Jaan Tere Naam Hai has already garnered over 500K views on YouTube with more than 6.2K likes. The song is a collaboration between IDOL Music Records and Deevs Mp3. The imagery of the song is brought to life by Ashrul Hussain, starring opposite Unika Ray D. It also features Pravin Singh. Its singer is Annkur R Pathakk and the lyrics and music composition can be credited to Navdeep Panchal Shubh. Rohit Raj and team, including names such as Pravin Singh, Govind Sankhla, Rohit Diwaker, Nadeem Ansari, and more, can be thanked for providing much support as the cast and crew for the music video. Music distribution and online promotion rights go solely to Deevs Mp3, the creative music and artist management label under rising artist Divyam Agarwal.

Love comes in many shapes and forms and oftentimes people make it far more confusing than it needs to be. The song Ye Jaan Tere Naam Hai discusses the trials and tribulations of love and how, many a time, one can only surpass the problems in life by keeping your loved ones close. The concept has been portrayed wonderfully by Ashrul Hussain, but this was expected considering he is now quite a pro in the industry, having worked with Zee Music on the song Tera Naal Preet Lagai.

One name that you might have read several times above is Divyam Agarwal, better known through his agency Deevs Mp3. At the young age of 20, Divyam is known as one of the biggest self-made celebrity managers, production managers, and artists, taking over the entertainment industry of today. Deevs Mp3 is the agency behind several singers and actors who have realized that dream and have now moved forward with their glance of cutting Anish out for themselves in the highly competitive music and entertainment industry. It has also collaborated with several influences and Divyam is now considered one of the greatest allies of the entertainment industry.

Ashrul Hussain and Deevs Mp3 have a long history together and seeing them come together for a music video is no surprise. Similarly, it is no surprise that the song is a super hit and is quite an example of how beautiful music can really be. Be sure to hear it on YouTube: https://youtu.be/gpuhXqFzGcE

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