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Asif Rozani, taking over the world of business with passion

All those individuals that shine brighter in the sky full of many other talented beings are those that strive to attain excellence instead of running only behind success. This very attitude and their passion to take over their dreams and become their best versions have what allowed a few people to propel forward in their chosen industries and create their unique niche as true-blue professionals. The business world welcomes many talented and astute individuals, but a few of them stand apart for the relentless drive and determination they radiate towards their work. One such name that has been buzzing high lately is Asif Rozani. This youngster showcases all those virtues and qualities that can turn ordinary individuals into extraordinary success stories.


Born in 1996 in India, Mumbai, Asif Rozani was always inclined towards a variety of activities and sports since his childhood like basketball, chess, bodybuilding, travelling, photography, and showed keen interest in research and development. However, the business world always thrilled him and he decided to be a part of the same, taking inspiration from his supportive parents, who are also a part of the business world.


Today, Asif Rozani stands tall as an astute young entrepreneur who successfully runs his multiple businesses like Zavian Enterprises (Construstion material manufacturers and suppliers.), Thesupremevilla (Group of vacation home destination.), Bigstarmedia (Digital Marketing Agency), but Asif’s constant hustle and his abilities to make the most of opportunities led him towards his path to success. Asif Rozani manages research and development and also manages the functioning of his companies.


The BMM graduate has gone beyond boundaries to create massive success for each of his businesses. He reveals that he is a social person and loves to travel and to connect with people, which helps him stay motivated. Apart from managing his businesses, He devotes time for social service to serve society.

For his impeccable talents as a young entrepreneur, Asif Rozani has even received many awards and accolades and wants other youngsters to know that nothing is impossible in life. If people work with passion and determination, the entire world conspires to help them achieve that.

You can follow Asif Rozani on www.asifrozani.com , @asifrozani on instagram & @asif rozani on facebook.

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