A step towards motivation for Achiever Not everyone has the potential to Aspire; and not everyone Achieve their Aspirations. Aspirant…


A step towards motivation for Achiever

Not everyone has the potential to Aspire; and not everyone Achieve their Aspirations. Aspirant AchieverÂs book of record is a team which motivates the people No matter how smart, talented, driven, or passionate you are, your success as an achiever depends on your ability to build and inspire a team. A successful leader is one who can spur his or her team members to work well together toward a common vision and goals. Such a leader the chairman of Aspirant AchieverÂs pvt ltd is Mr. Ketan Bandu Jadhav with his aspiring team his project coordinators Mr Sagar A Balguher who is a sparkling personality from management field and Ms Rachel Dias an inspiring writer too is a team member who are the beam light of the team. Every individual is gifted with various talents and abilities. To find oneÂs own potential is a great deal. Aspirant AchieverÂs have given a platform to such blooming talents; so that every person can showcase his/her talents and grow in the area in which they wish to.

Through the Aspirant AchieverÂs awards and records; many talented individuals have received recognition.In this world where everyone is so self-centred and selfish; we are glad to introduce the person who has always sought for the good of others. The Best Youth Motivator Rtr. Aman Khan. He is a civil Engineer by profession, also the CEO of Aman Associates. He is an Anchor, Motivational Speaker, social Worker and the founder of the Club Helping Hands, Hum honge kamyab and Ummeed ka Uday.

The strongest weapon for a writer is his/her pen. ÂJo thakat kalam mei hai, woh kisi aur hatiyar mei nahiÂ. Introducing Sufaya Yousf- Best Writer of The Year. She is a prolific writer from the village of Sethar of District Anantnag Jammu and Kashmir. She is pursuing her BachelorÂs degree and is a regular contributor to English and Urdu dailies, state Newspapers and Magazines. She is also a poet, compiler and has co-authored many anthologies.

The best way to win the attention of an audience is by using the most effective methods in a speech. Yukti Nagpal has been awarded the Best Speaker of the Year Award; for having high aspirations, strong determination and a proactive approach. She has a strong will power and is on her way to attain what she desires; and wishes to bring a drastic change in the society through her words. She is a student, reader, writer, co-author, an announcer, and a speaker.

Only a perfect singer can add music to every song and spread peace around through their soothing voice. We are glad to announce the Best Singer of The Year; Roneeca Brajasundar Sahu. She is working for a broadcast and media company. She is a singer and also a writer. She is an author of three books, a core team member of CAGE foundation. She loves to help and motivate people. She is a fun-loving person.

A woman is nothing less than a man. She has the capacity to stand independently and achieve her dreams. With all respect and dignity we announce the Best Woman Entrepreneur of the Year- Anusha Yamijala. She is an eminent entrepreneur and has records as android app developer. She is multi-talented; a chief, poet, writer, co-author and a good composer of quotes. She is a researcher, content creator and a Youtuber. Overall she is a ÂOne Woman ArmyÂ.

Kids are not only innocent and curious but also optimistic and joyful and essentially happy. They are everything adults wish to be. With extreme joy we announce Leedhiya- The Best Kid Model of the Year. She is from Poonthura Trivandrum Kerala. She is 9 years old and is in IV class ,studying at St. PhilomenaÂs GHS.ÂDance is the hidden language of the soulÂ. Dr. Pallavi Sharma- awarded the Best Dancer of the Year. She is a Pedodontist and a trained Kathak Dancer. She is an awardee of the National Dance Contest 2021. She is optimistic, Consistent and hard working. Through her dance forms she wants to preserve her treasured Indian Culture and carry it to the International Level.For a writer; writing is simply thinking through his/her fingers. Introducing Ishani Agarwal. The Best Writer of The Year. She is a compiler of 50+ books in a span of 1.5 years, and is in process of more. She is a co-founder of her community ÂTeekhe Zasbaat and ÂFlairs and Glairs PublicationsÂ. She has launched her Debut book ÂHand That Burnt While Healing which consists of 750+ contents from all genres and themes. She is happy with the love she is receiving. ÂEducation is not the learning of facts but the training of the mind to thinkÂ. We are honoured to introduce Mrs. Rebecca Dias-The Best in Education Field. She is from Goa. She is an experienced Pre-School Educator from the past 12 years. She is a certified Helen O Grady Teacher, she has been a coordinator for many annual and sports events. She has participated in many workshops on internet skills for teachers, Class Act 2016, The Three RÂs of Readiness, Creative and Aesthetic Development and many more. She is a Mentor and a Great Motivator.

Art speaks what words are unable to explain. We are dignified to present The Best Artist of the Year- Manoj Swain. He is a senior artist having expertise in realistic, portraits and landscapes. He has won titles of 6 world records including Guinness world record, Extraordinaire world records, India Records, kalamÂs world record, high range book of world records and marvellous book of world record. Apart from these he has been awarded in several National and International Events for his Art works. A chemical engineer by Education, A software engineer by profession, he is passionate about his arts and pursues it quite diligently.It is amazing to be part of a glamorous and glittering world. Announcing the Best Model of the Year- Dr. Gunjan Arya. She is from Uttarakhand working as a doctor at a Govt. hospital. Modelling, Belly dancing, writing is her passion. She believes that; be with your profession but never let down your passion.Education never places limitations. We are glad to announce Tejashri Dhondiram More- Best in Medical Student Field. She is from New Panvel Usarli District- Raigad Maharashtra. She is a mentor at Little Ideal School and an aspiring Teacher. She is an aspiring passionate Medical Student.

A dancer does not need wings to fly. We are honoured to announce Best Dancer of the Year- Prabrisha Das. She is from West Bengal. She has completed her schooling from Durga Darshi Chowdhury Rani GirlÂs high School. She is a Dance Artist in Talim (Katwa, Purba Burdwan, West Bengal) her guru is Sulakashana Chatterjee.Art is one such form which keeps getting enhanced as the passion for it grows within oneself. Here we have our Next awardee Ashish Ghosh. He started as a nature artist . He has worked in several international projects and he joined to Visva Bharati University as an assistant professor (product designers). He started practicing designing. From his student life, he has nurture a dream to establish a studio where he and other artists, designers and craftsmen could start their work by passion and exchange their concepts to form a bridge in-between .

Talent and creativity go hand in hand. We should be prepared to grab every opportunity whenever it knocks our door. Opportunity once lost is lost forever. There is no second chance in life but yes there is surely a new beginning to everything. The entire team of Aspirant AchieverÂs; extends good wishes and congratulations to every Award winner for being par excellent in their respective fields. Thank you.