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AYUSH PHUTELA - The social media influencer setting a bench mark of excellence.

The fastest-growing niche of digital marketing is giving numerous opportunities to young talent to grow,one of them is Ayush Phutela.

Ayush Phutela is a young guy well known for his digital marketing and celebrity promotions work. A lad with elegance and smiling face with a genius mind. pursued B. Arch from Kurukshetra university has struggled a lot in his life, he believes that nothing is effortless, to achieve something really big you need to work hard because that's the key to success.

When you see Ayush, he doesn’t look like an entrepreneur; a very jovial person with simplicity and pragmatic nature.  Computers and electronic gadgets always fascinated him from his childhood,  his reason for being successful in this niche is because of the knowledge that he has about the digital world because of his 10 years of experience. He has Started his work from Fiverr.com and has mentored many companies worldwide with his knowledge and also worked for some of the renowned Indian celebrities.

A young boy renowned for his work in the entire Bollywood, everyone knows his skills and capabilities, when you ask any Indian celeb for digital promotion the first name to recommend is of Ayush Phutela, it shows that even celebs admire his work.

Apart from this, he is a fitness geek, he believes that a healthy brain helps you to do better in life along with appearance because It's mandatory to be presentable. So healthy body and suave personality make him influential, wherever he goes, he makes his presence count with his energetic vibes and appearance.

The way he is working in this niche is leading him to the only path of “success”. We wish this young Digital Guru all the best for his future.

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