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Belarus President Lukashenko rushed to hospital after meeting with his Russian counterpart Putin


In a surprising move, Lukashenko, the President of Belarus, was admitted to a hospital in the Russian Capital, Moscow. As per reports, the Belarusian Dictator was rushed to the hospital after a close door meeting with the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin. As per alleged reports, Lukashenko is likely to have been poisoned. However, there is no Official confirmation from the Belarusian Government regarding the alleged poisoning. 


Lukashenko's Critical Condition Raises Concerns after Meeting with Putin


Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko has been urgently hospitalised in Moscow after a closed-door meeting with Russian Premier Vladimir Putin, according to Belarus's opposition leader Valery Tsepkalo. Tsepkalo, a presidential candidate in the 2020 Belarusian elections, shared on Twitter that Lukashenko's condition is critical and requires further confirmation. He revealed that Lukashenko is currently under the care of leading specialists at Moscow's Central Clinical Hospital, where efforts are being made to address his critical condition and conduct necessary medical procedures, including blood purification.


Speculations Over Kremlin's Involvement in Lukashenko's Health


Tsepkalo's statement on Twitter also highlighted the orchestrated measures taken to rescue the Belarusian president, aimed at dispelling speculations regarding the Kremlin's alleged involvement in his potential poisoning. Doctors have cautioned about possible relapses, indicating the seriousness of Lukashenko's health situation. Rumours about Lukashenko's well-being have been circulating since his appearance at the Victory Day celebration on May 9 in Moscow's Red Square. Despite the ongoing speculations, Lukashenko, who has been in power since 1994, dismissed concerns about his health by stating, "I'm not going to die guys."


Russia and Belarus Formalise Deployment of Tactical Nuclear Missiles


In other recent developments, Russia and Belarus signed an agreement formalising the deployment of tactical nuclear missiles in Belarus. The Belarusian Defense Ministry reported that the defence ministers of both countries signed documents defining the procedures for storing Russian nuclear weapons at a specialised facility within Belarusian territory. Emphasising compliance with international legal obligations, the ministry stressed that the measures taken aim to enhance military and technical cooperation between Russia and Belarus. The defence ministers also discussed the current military and political situation during the meeting.


Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko's health has raised concerns following his meeting with Russian Premier Vladimir Putin. Opposition leader Valery Tsepkalo reported that Lukashenko is in critical condition and receiving treatment at Moscow's Central Clinical Hospital. The ongoing efforts to address his condition have prompted speculations about the possible involvement of the Kremlin in his health issues. In a separate development, Russia and Belarus formalised the deployment of tactical nuclear missiles in Belarus, aiming to strengthen military cooperation between the two countries. The situation surrounding Lukashenko's health continues to draw attention amid persistent rumours and observations of his deteriorating condition.


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