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Bijal Jagad receive "Wow Women Award 2020 Ghatkopar" for Professional and Social works.

Social work  Background - Past 7 years have been working in Tribal areas in the interior of Maharashtra and Gujarat. I have been dedicating myself 2 days in a month  past 7 yrs in the interior of Maharashtra and Gujarat particular the Adivasi belt region understanding their needs and catering to it.

Last month while my Visit to surkoi (interirors of Gujarat) jhiila -Tapi, *MP (Member of Parliament ) Mr Prabhubhai Vasava felicitated me for my efforts in the region for upliftment in Tribal areas*

Initially started at small scale whatever little I could do for them and now  with support of family and friends  i have been able to take up projects like infrastructure development, Education kit distribution , clothes, medical camps, utensils,Grocery in all the areas closley working with Ahsram School were the children reside and study in house. These are ashram schools which are not supported by Govt.

Professional Background -  I put about about 21 yrs in the industry predominantly working with MNC medical companies in clinical sales and mktg (Novo Nordisk,1 Allergan, Baxter) and Currently heading  west and south of India in sales for a cosmetic

Clinical Research Background (personal innovation) - Have developed Organic skin care cosmetic research product under NPOP and USDA Guidelines for National and Export Purpose. My company name is *Shree Sutra* and soon shall be launching my products in skin in the market.

Gujarati Literature and My Gujarati Kavita featuring in Print Media - I pen down my creation in Hindi, Urdu ,English and Gujarati and Gujarati ???????? kavita is featuring in Media via Vapi Sanket News paper and Khothar na kangare newspaper in Bhavnagar.

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